Niall Breslin - Carrying the anxieties of a nation


The anorexia will get her first.


Bressie is playing this smartly. He’s supported Home Sweet Home in quite an understated way. A couple of tweets and the same amount of retweets. It keeps him in “the conversation” but he doesn’t want to piss off the likes of Mazars and other corporates too much either - future workshop and speech bookings could be affected.


Or the paranoia after she sees the photo of her husband ogling Jessica Ennis at the awards the other night.


A Monarch is allowed, nae, expected to take a lover. Catherine knows the score.


If he picks Jess he will pick wisely.


Like a wooden chalice.





Here’s a news story from 2013:

Yet in 2016, as the Mental Health Gravy train was leaving the station, this anxiety had morphed into the below:


My expose on Bressie


Outstanding work from @TreatyStones



A search on Google for those articles and news reports now reveals absolutely no trace of them.
It’s as if somebody has gone to Google and requested a take down of the articles.

Edit: actually there is a still a link to the mirror article





I see I actually came across this during the original investigation last year.
At the time I used the very handy Time Machine from Google, to pull up his old blog which has since been very conveniently been deleted


Is this enough to push him to COTY glory?
I reckon he has every chance of pipping Angela Kerins and Ray to a lifetime achievement award.


Alison O’Reilly will be hard bet


I’m putting my full support to Alison O’Reilly. Once @horsebox also declares, it will almost be like the exit polls in the US American Presidential election.


No, this is O’Reilly’s year.


Cunt and all as he is, at least he didn’t con his way into the confidence of a grieving family to get a few words for a newspaper article. That’s some sick shit.


Everything about it

The lies
The secret recording
The use of her own kids
The banner headline

Its just abhorrent and disgusting. Its so cold, calculating and completely lacking of human empathy. Its horrifying to think someone could do that in the name of “journalism”.


I feel bressie may be a perennial contender who will have to settle for a lifetime achievement consolation prize, like luvvies who never win an Oscar despite multiple nominations