Niall Breslin - Carrying the anxieties of a nation


Your man from console is worse imo. As are angie and Frank.
Alison had a single rush of blood to the head. The others are serial offenders


As a former supporter of Angie, she has had her day in the sun and should welcome the new cohorts of cunts like Bressie and O’Reilly to the fold. Frank Kelly is indeed worthy of a COTY title, however this year may prove to be an exceptional year of talent.


Can we please keep this thread on topic to Breslin? He hasn’t been as prominent in the public eye recently although I do know of one large American financial institution who had him in for a talk quite recently for top money. The audience was 95% female fluttering their eye lids. The 5% males had to be rousted out of their desks to give some semblance of audience cross section. Mr B spoke for two hours straight and references were made to his ‘struggles’ in his teenage years.


already posted, but no harm again highlighting parts of it

I was very unwell in college and had severe anxiety issues, and I think a lot of students do,” says the musician and mental health campaigner.
“I wish I would have enjoyed it more. I dropped out the first year and deferred. I just wasn’t in the right headspace for it.
I don’t think I will ever go into psychotherapy as a professional but I want to write about it more, I want to be able to write without having to put it through people. The credential side of things is more important to me – that I can back up what I talk about with research-based facts
“For 15 years of my life, it was never my depression or anxiety disorder that was impossible to cope with, it was hiding it all the time that was the hardest part.
“It was the mask, the excuses I had to make, the walking off stage in the middle of songs, the climbing through toilet windows when I was out having a pint with my mates, not turning up, not getting out of my bed for weeks pretending I had a chest infection, that constant disguising yourself is draining. We shouldn’t have to do that. Take the mask off, show those vulnerabilities . . . I received nothing but empathy and kindness when I did


The Herald still has this up:

That all changed when The Voice premiered on RTE1 in January 2012. All of a sudden, Bressie lost his anonymity. It took its toll.

“I think it was coming anyway, but I started suffering badly from anxiety,” he says.

“I’m quite open about it, and I definitely don’t blame the show on it. By chance, it happened at the same time as the show kicked off.”

Indeed, there was a moment during the show’s first season when Bressie felt he was about to have a panic attack on live television. “I’d never had that in my life,” he recalls. “I didn’t know what they were.”

“If you’re in the public eye,” he continues, “and you suffer from anything like depression or anxiety, you really have a responsibility to make people aware of it. Because I’m 31, and I found it hard to deal with. Could you imagine being 13 and trying to figure out what the f***'s going on?”


He’s got my COTY vote.
The uber cunt can stand up in front of a Google of executives and talk once he’s on the meter, but his head explodes over hosting a karaoke competition.
What an utter wanker.


He’s just a chancer.


Agreed with this. She did the worst thing of all of them really but once off and probably getting pressured from editors etc…Paul Kelly systematically stole from a suicide charity over many years


Aisling is back to give Bressie some competition.

‘I still have dark days when it’s up and down but I won’t give in to anything, not even depression’


Bressie with a bag is after becoming a really boring cunt:


Shouldn’t these things be done by qualified professionals ??? What next , Amanda Brunker doing cartilage operations .


Hes probably broke and needs the cash.


What does a centra plastic bag set you back these days?


Dont know lad, ill ask my maid.


That fellas got overheads is all I’m saying


I’m nominating that Blindboy for cunt of the year. Mental health this, mental Health that. All sandwiched between a few Baudrillard references that most fellas who did an arts degree would have encountered. He thinks he’s a smart cunt because he’s read a dummy’s guide to critical theory and watched a few Adam Curtis documentaries.

Stick to the funny songs, the prank calls and the jokes


Horse outside is actually a song about depression. The horse referenced is the dark horse that follows sufferers around


The video is a tad misleading.


Great interview with Maurice Shanahan in the Sunday Times.


Read it. My first thought was the likes of Breslin and their insincerity and lust for money is gonna turn Joe public off giving a shit about genuine cases like Maurice.