Niall Breslin - Carrying the anxieties of a nation


Is this available online ?


‘Physical fitness is your mental fitness’: Cork camogie star Ashling Thompson


The great man was in action in Dell today. :clap:


What a cunt… any chance we get treaty stones and him on the same stage .




It’ll be anorexity next.


Random Friday question for the forum - do you think Breslin and his mental health band of cunts have been having any positive impact on mental health / suicide?

I think they’ve done great work removing the stigma attached to it but at the same time they’ve gone too far and that being suicidal or being depressed is such a ‘hip’ thing that now when people say it the word depressed or suicidal has lost all meaning. Its almost like a badge of honour to wear around the place now and the people who need actual help are the people that still aren’t getting help.

I heard someone claim yesterday than over 100 people have died so far this year from suicide in Ireland which seems like its far too high. But got me thinking about if anything is actually changing or if the problem still exists and all the hype around it is still just disguising the problem.


They certainly have, without doubt

Anything that raises awareness about mental health is a good thing


127 suicides in 22 days they were claiming.


Bressie is enabling it and making it cool.


Yes. We all get fucking anxious but it doesn’t mean we’re all fucking depressed. He’s hyping it up


Kids now think it’s great to be depressed as they can make a career out of it.


you’ve students now claiming they’re depressed to get out of doing exams and assignments.


There was some psychiatrist fella on the Tommy tiernan show during the week. He said outside of the young men group the suicide rate in Ireland is one of the lower ones in Europe. In the young men’s (16-25 or something ) we have one of the highest rates. He also said there’s a load of people who feel sad now and then which is perfectly normal but they all want to be diagnosed for depression which is not the same thing.


This. I firmly believe we are gone full circle, and now talking our teenagers and young men into depression.


Simpletons like @The_Selfish_Giant seem fine with this tho,


Yep, our inner bandwagon nature means we have to feel involved in something to be seen to be popular. And once the next thing comes along we’ll revert to type and nothing will be any better.

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The best fans in the world
Depression and being depressed


Any chance of a Mac Life hack piece of advice on how to avoid the bandwagon


Don’t always follow the crowd, they don’t have your best interests at heart.