Niall Breslin - Carrying the anxieties of a nation


Bressie sees an opportunity as leader of Generation Snowflake’s opposition to Trump.


A simple lad like him wouldn’t understand how the world works, particularly politics. He should threaten to get really depressed if Enda goes… As an aside, an online petition now to stop Enda going would be great. The comments would be gold.


It’ll be Mike Enda’s meeting on Patricks Day anyway


He is praising Canada about the PM there seemingly “standing up” to Trump.

Read this Niall


Bressie for president #bresident


Sadly the way the world is going and the obsession with z list celebrities in the irish media I wouldnt be surprised to see the brass neck cunt taking a run at the presidency in another ten years or so. If he sticks at his mental health gig he might even get an aul handy gig in the senate before then.


He’s obviously been stung by his loss in the coty contest and is redoubling his efforts for 2017


Which one of you works in PR and took on our hero over the weekend on twitter?


Throw up a link


I just had a read of his account :joy: - What a joker. Is @Sidney bressie?


Part of it is below this initial tweet but it went on a while and pulled in a few readers here (Hi Ciaran)



Didn’t find what you were referring to, but that Daniel chap missed an open goal when Bressie started on about US Multinationals.


Hopefully Bressie will continue to selflessly help less fortunate people in his new brand ambassador role.


Hopefully help with his transport costs to all those free seminars to corporate clients


Does Bressie have a problem with US Multinationals?


Not when they hire him to give a talk.


Sort of, except I’m better looking and have written better songs.


Aussie rugby player Dan Vickerman has taken his own life


Oddly not even being reported as a suicide. Alan Quinlan summed it up for me

A shocking number of suicides in Laois this year already, fucking awful devastation.

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