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what the fuck would quinlan know about it?


Is it relevant, he’s not wrong.


He’s only a tramp.


Is he wrong?



Does he know the guy personally?


Most likely, he played against him.

Again, irrelevant, I believe it does no good to continue to fail to report suicide as what it is.


he doesnt know it was suicide

i assume the media have protocols in regards to what to report to prevent contagion


If it proves to be the case, we’ll revisit this. In the meantime, I’m happy to leave it be.


The reason suicides are generally not reported as such are that it can lead to an increased number of suicides. Its why suicides tend to happen in clusters.


That’s happening as it is.


Life insurance companies wont pay out either.


I don’t think that is true unless policy taken out within 24 months of the death or failure to declare any mental or other health issues when policy taken out

Maybe because they don’t know they err on side of caution but unless an overdose or car accident then suicide will be obvious




Natural selection at work here.

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Thats a particularly nasty comment. I hope you’re proud of yourself you cunt.


It was some black humour. Aimed at a well maligned County. Not a biggy. Nothing like the sort of nastiness you or me or others on here are capable of.


+1. Pure cuntishness.


@Juhniallio 's edgy rebrand isn’t really working


He had well publicised mental health issues in the past and is as entitled as anybody to comment here, kid.


He is speculating about somebodies death and calling on the media to go against the protocols set out by prevention of suicide organisations