Niall Breslin - Carrying the anxieties of a nation


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That is not true. Protocols suggest not reporting on location or method of suicide.




That’s a fair old clamping


Who committed suicide?






Terrible indictment of Eire press that it takes the sun to expose this charlatan


Well said…he’s one nasty cunt all the same.


Whatever about charging Corportions a fee for talKing to staff but charging the likes of the community games organisation is an absolute cunt of a thing to do. To go on stage and say how great the community games are and how he loved participating in the games and then to walk of the stage and probably ask “where’s me money?”.

Absolute utter cunt.


Scumbag… We all knew he was doing it.


TFK ahead of the loop again with this cunt.


We were well ahead of the curve on this one.


The sooner the cunt is brought down the better.

Can someone just clear up something for me? When exactly did Mr Breslin start to suffer with depression/anxiety/ panic attacks, was it while as a judge on the voice or was it playing with Leinster or with westmeath minors?




We’ll write a book yet lads. The walls are coming crashing down on Niall it would appear.


In his book he says he struggled very badly when he started in UCD


@TreatyStones has deconstructed his lies on this thread already. Timelines, the change from initially getting anxiety on TV to full blown depression as a teen and so on. I’m so fucking perceptive and analytical and a brilliant judge of character - I had this spoofer’s cards marked from the outset.


An entire article about mental health and rugby, mention made of Dan Vickerman, a photo used of Dan Vickerman, and still the only quote using the word suicide comes from Quinlan. I’d rather not make this about him, or rugby, but I’m not sure what to make of the whole thing at all anymore to be honest.