Niall Breslin - Carrying the anxieties of a nation


does he have a book out? I’d like to get a read of it. h’s fucking mugging a load of orish off and the thick cunts are lapping it up


Stepping on Bressie’s toes here with this spoofery.


Feels more like McNulty’s market they’d be after


Is the watering hole of idiots deep enough for all three to keep drinking?


Oh yeah


Must be a hell of a lot of melting snow.
You could seriously use these snakeoilsmen as a barometer of the celtic tiger.
Ireland, once again, has too much money.


Not yet,getting there though.


If any of these lads are able to make a living peddling the crap that they do, then there is too much money about looking to be wasted.


I can’t really read that article, is he claiming to have suffered anxiety also?


No, to his credit he just seems to be working on the premise that his status as a high profile GAA player entitles him to a piece of the Irish corporate bullshit market.


Ah here another cunt jumping aboard train Breslin.


Alan has been suffering from depression for years, its well documented


Quinlan was pre-Bressie


pre-Bressie depression doesn’t count.


He helped invent the celeb genre but then failed to monetise it.


I’m not sure if it’s a help or a hindrance that whenever he opens his mouth he sounds like Suicidal Syd.
I’d say Quinlan isn’t the worst of them though.


There’s no such thing.


Breslin really made the difference with that young lad, cunt.

Cc @ChocolateMice


Given bail too despite Garda objections. :rage:


Ah shur thats par for the course,

Breslin made an RTE documentary and plenty of coin out of that young lad…and left him for dust.

Awful cuntish behaviour.