Niall Breslin - Carrying the anxieties of a nation


Some men you just can’t reach, so we get what we had here last week, which is the way he wants it. Well he gets it.


Surely earlier comments of this clown completely contradict what he is saying here


I actually think that ‘article’ is in response to this one from his ex Roz stating she does a heap of exercise during the week.

It’s all about selfless mental health awareness with Breslin of course.


What a vacuous world we live in. When did it become ok to be so vain? All these fucking “models” who post fucking selfies all day. And the fucking media who lap it up.


Leave Roz alone.

Actually, there are 9 pictures with that article, fucking hell :joy:


Wow. So full of hate.


Haters be hating


Bang on, Brian. It’s fucking pathetic and if anything contributes to mental health problems as the snowflakes have a mental breakdown when their life isn’t as picture-esque as these z list celebs so they cut themselves and develop panic attacks such is their lack of self-esteem.


if some lad didn’t get 10 likes on facebook for posting a picture of himself doing bicep curls in the gym he would get depressed


Some people are ‘using sport for the wrong reasons’ apparently. That’s a savage line!


I set up an instagram account recently for the purposes of some market research in the fitness area.

All I see in my feed all day long is cunts posing in gyms and pictures of their salads in lunchboxes.


What do you mean by “lunchbox” ??


It’s un believable the vanity out there. The current generation have to be the weakest and most vain generation in history… You’ve the likes of @glasagusban crying because I slagged off rap today…

The vanity in gyms is off the charts tho - the people who make gym wear must be laughing - lads of 18-30 wouldn’t be caught dead in a gym without looking and wearing fashionable gym gear— I went in the other day wearing the same gear from the day before - a gammy hulk tshirt and ripped shorts and you could smell me 10 feet away… The likes of glas would probably report me to the front desk for crimes against fashion.



They should be banned- phones that is… wankers.


I’ve a couple of errands to run but some of you might enjoy this:

I still need to catch up on The Sunday Business Post’s interview with our boy Bressie. He’s become a businessman just like me:


“Crippling insomnia, harrowing panic attacks and incomprehensible self-harm dictated my life,”

“It was let grow into a monster, a monster that fed on silence, fear and lack of understanding.”

This is what Breslin told the Oireachtas Committee.


I suspect he might be a Bengal Lancer Farmer.


He’s really ramping things up now. :clap:


Divilly appeared across my landscape again recently, another cunt ramping it up.