Niall Breslin - Carrying the anxieties of a nation


From what I can see he’d have been better off sticking to the actual exercise side of it… he appears a bit out of depth at the ‘motivation’ side of it but I guess some people (his tribe) are just pure stupid.


"Taking a break from his day job of being a musician, TV star and generally being an all-round cool guy, Niall Breslin has started a blog on maintaining a fit body and a healthy mind.

The blog, titled My 1000 Hours, is “about exploring positive and proactive ways of improving your emotional fitness and helping you deal with whatever mental stresses you may go through”.

You won’t find any statistics or policies on the site, just information and personal experience on how you can approach mental health through a series of blog entries from the man himself."


Who needs any of that science stuff, when you can just read a blog.




If people want to ignore science, statistics and facts could they not just read TFK?


I wish this fucking cunt would just fuck off. That utter fucking drivel to the oireachtas demeans the people who actually suffer with depression.
(I think I’ve been reading batt the lad too avidly)


How long before he charges a subscription to this wonderful tool?


He’s done a lot more for mental health than some of the pretend hardmen of TFK


He is just a talking head. If not him, the meeja would have latched onto someone else, as this “awareness” is currently trendy and that is media driven. He is now undermining whatever good he did by aggressive monetisation, and coming up with that drivel he spoke to the oireachtas. I don’t think he has any idea what true depression is. His mental health history seems fairly fluid. He tells others to speak openly and honestly, yet his story and symptoms change every time he opens his trap. He is beginning to look more like a charlatan with every change in the direction of his wind.


How can he still be going on about the mental health stigma?!!


You are one of these pretend tfk hardmen who hide behind a keyboard poking fun at people who have the guts to address serious problems that affect the modern man.


I’ll take that on board.


At this point Anyone who doesn’t have mental health issues is stigmatised .


Piers Morgan is on the case now on Twitter

I’m not convinced by this new trend of male public soul-bearing.
Time for our gender to get a grip, methinks. Life’s tough- man up.


Its mental health awareness week I just found out


Hows your mental health pal?

Monday was tough for me, I had a feed of whiskey at a wedding at the weekend. I’m ok now.


Does this mean that you’ll get extra treatment this week?
I’m only one minor incident away from a nervous breakdown. Maybe I’ll snap soon.


CBT is the unreal. It’s effectively brainwashing yourself but if you don’t let a negative thought in then it can’t hurt you.


Hiding a problem - fail proof.