Niall Breslin - Carrying the anxieties of a nation


Think it was a music club in Manhattan’s East Village


A poor mans NLP mate




County board trauma. Very prevalent in the Limerick area of Munster. Notoriously difficult to treat.


its not too bad now, i started taking tablets on Sunday to aid cognitive function


I was reading Scot Jurek’s book, when’s he running for 24 hours solid, he resists the urge to think when he’s in serious pain, because you make rational decisions, thus rationalising the decision to quit


ah here, turns out this lad is depressed too and suffering with anxiety


They’d all be a bit neshy hipster in Chorlton.


its the other lad who was depressed, Matthew


It’ll be hanging round with the lad from chorlton that did it.


Niall really is a tireless campaigner

“One of my big passions is to in some way reform the education system to help young people in dealing with life”

Bressie describes this aim as “another great passion of mine alongside music” (This says a lot given the quality of musician he is)


In an unrelated topic, The Blizzards reformed about 18 months ago, of course after giving enough time for the whole mental health crusade con job to sink in to the gullible old public.

Make hay while the sun she-ines.


I like the bit at the bottom of the Indo article that informs us of the gig .


@TreatyStones - I have updated slightly all your previous excellent research.

This is what Breslin said to the Oireachtas in 2016:

‘Some days I would sit in my classroom on the verge of fainting as I hyperventilated and fought for air while my teachers continued to teach the class, oblivious to the fact that one of their students was in the midst of a living nightmare. I spent so many of my school days praying that some of our teachers may talk about this, or just say something so I didn’t feel so isolated and terrified. They never did’.

So my take on that is that he had severe anxiety issues when he was a teenager, or even younger – in his classroom anyway. Also it would appear that this was extremely severe (‘living nightmare’) despite anyone’s experiences with anxiety is that is usually brief and does not last in such intensity for such a long time.

Again, a similar story in Breslin’s book. I don’t have the direct quote but he talks about the crippling anxiety again causing him to retreat to his bedroom, locking it and live like a recluse in his teenage years. He also talks in one line about suffering from ‘the bedfellow of anxiety – depression’ but doesn’t go into it in any way. Again, his description of anxiety features are not consistent with how anxiety is usually experienced.

It gets better. Go back to March 2013 and an interview with Breslin on the John Murray Show.

Here Breslin talks about suffering with a panic attack before he went live on air. When speaking about anxiety he said the killer line:

“For me it started when I was working on the show. I started realising that I lost my anonymity and I started to worry. It was never something I had struggled with before.”

This says specifically that Breslin never suffered from anxiety before appearing on the Voice. Which makes his admissions to the Oireachtas and his book which has been bought by thousands of mental sufferers as a lie and a fraud. There was nothing in the classroom, there was nothing in the bedroom, he didn’t have any anxiety or depression issues.

In fact he goes on to diminish his panic attack somewhat and says:

I didn’t get full on panic attacks – whereas I have friends who wouldn’t be able to breathe. I wouldn’t get that, I would just get palpitations.

Yet between 2013 and 2016, legs appeared on Breslin’s story. I wonder why that is?


A masters degree in mindfulness.
Fucks sake.


Is there a basic degree in Mindfulness ?


He has suffered savagely in his life


A rugby player from Westmeath, thats a fair burden on any man.


Is there a basic degree in Mindfulness ?


To be fair to NB he is no daw . He has found a money making crusade when no one, bar a few grumpy anonymous internetters , can be seen to be cynical about .