Niall Breslin - Carrying the anxieties of a nation


I love when these guys refers to their “passion” .


Would Gemma Doherty take up the crusade ? She seems like the type of journo who doesn’t give a fuck.


I think he’s just a bit of a story teller. Not really a malicious liar type and he craves attention.


That’s the kind of SMART goal we need.





Jeffrey or Breslin? Mindfulness is the new nutritionist, Bressie playing a blinder here. Someone probably gave him honorary degree so he could go straight to post grad.
The guy is good in fairness


The Blizzards new song is called “Show me the science”. Bressie might just be the greatest WUM of all time.


The WUM is well monetised .


Breslin is a law on to himself



I honestly thought all this Blairite, celebrities as experts stuff was dead. Now this plonker apparently has a deep passion to reform the education system. Glad to see his self-esteem issues have been resolved anyway. Others might think their total lack of expertise or domain knowledge might an obstacle in such circumstances.



I wonder is the rise in anxiety linked to the increased narcissism.

“Both social anxiety (an anxiety disorder) and narcissism (a personality trait) have intense self-focus as one of their core traits.”

The Narcissists I council all match the DSM 4 criteria for Generalized Anxiety Disorder, while at the same time match the criteria for Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Comorbidity, which is the existence of one or more additional disorders, that occur concurrently with a primary disorder, is common in the mental health community


social media has a lot to do with it


Alan Quinlan was guest speaker at a pal’s work event recently. It was sponsored by Laya Healthcare and “Quinny” was wearing a Laya Healthcare tshirt.

It was a 90-minute “show” with 50+ slides and accompanying video clips. It touched on mental health (surprise, surprise), overcoming suicidal thoughts, resilience and that kind of stuff.

He said some people call rugby football egg chasing but it’s important to know when to be an egg and when to be a rugby ball.

You can be a bit of an egg and it’s healthy when there’s a few cracks as that’s you releasing your emotions but you need to become a rugby ball and roll with the ups and downs before the cracks become too big and the egg breaks completely. There was a slide with a picture of a rollercoaster to emphasise the ups and downs point.

He showed the clip of that British 1992 Olympian (Derek Redmond?) tearing his hamstring early in the 400m and his auld lad coming onto the track from the crowd and the two of them going slowly around and over the finishing line. Getting back up no matter what and displaying your resilience. A quick few clicks back to the rollercoaster slide at this point.

After speaking definitively on these topics somebody asked him for advice on how to best help or support a friend or colleague coming to you with those issues. Quinny said he wasn’t qualified to make recommendations.

These charlatans really irk me.


a “pals” work event?


My head is scrambled from reading that .


The two lads in the 51 and Bandage’s pal telling @Bandage about his health and wellness work event over two pints of Hop House. Bandage mentally noting all the details to post on here later. Big shirt and tie on him.

That’s living.


I’ve given that a “like” but it’s a little on the passive aggressive side.

You organised a fine event overall and moderated the session with Quinny very capably.


Redmond was rightly disqualified for this. Quinlan is endorsing cheating.