Northern Ireland v Ireland

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Its a sad day. I still cant think of any of their players that would get into our team

Steven Davis would get in our side easily. I think we can learn alot from our brothers in the North. Over the past 18 months theyve had two massive victories over decent opposition (Spain and England) while we have to go back to September 2001 to a very lucky victory over the Dutch, remember Stan riding RVN and the ball trickling past the post we were blessed! Its true we have far superior player than the North but whats the point in having them if they cant be arsed playing for us? John OShea has been known to tell friends that playing for Man Ure is far more important to him than playing for Ireland.

Staunton is also doing untold damage to the game in this country the fella is clueless (just take the example of him stating that he had Doherty and McCarthy watched when Leicster player Norwich they hadnt even played eachother at that stage!).

As time goes by the Irish public will realise that the era of us qualifying for major tournaments is gone, the period from 86-94 was our golden period. Probably 86-92 in fact, the qualification for 94 was a last effort from a fine group of players. The qualification for the 2002 World Cup was a freak of nature unlikely to be repeated, driven by the greatest midfielder of his generation, and that is a fact. Look at any game from the qualifiers for the 2002 World Cup and youll see just how much we were relying on Keane, all our back four had to do was pass it to Roy and forget about it. The main problem now is that we have never been so poor in central midfield, from the era of Giles which effectively kick started Ireland as a competitive force in football weve always had a top class central midfield. Brady, Whelan, McGrath all top class midfielders, were now relying on journeyman pros.

The Celtic Tiger has ruined this country, its gone to f**k were more interested in consumerism than sport. I said to FarmerintheCity recently that I believe the next Irish player to play in a World Cup Finals has not been born yet and I stand by that.

Well said Brian.

It is shocking to think that Ireland have not qualified for a European Championships since 1988…

Fucking well said Briantinnion - I agree with every word you’ve written there. Out of interest what did you think of the performance against the Czechs last week. I know plenty of people were delighted with the passion we showed. Bullshit if you ask me. We did the absolute minimum I would expect of any international team and we are falling over ourselves to praise “the lads.” These are, for the most part, the same lads who didn’t bother their holes against Cyprus a few days before.

Davis would obviously get in our team. Roy Carroll might have saved Koller’s shot the other day too.