Not Long Now Farmer

til those Rossie cunts get their comeuppance.

Ignore the Raven when it comes to Leitrim talk, He has a severe dislike of all things west of the Spa Hotel (named after himself methinks).

My Leitrim connections come from being the son of a Mohill man. Being going to Pairc Sean et al for as long as I can remember. I may be Dublin born but my heart is in Liatroim

Altogether now…

Last night I had a pleasant dream, I woke up with a smile
I dreamt that I was back again in dear old Eireann’s Isle
I thought I saw Lough Allens banks in the valley down below
Sure it was my Lovely Leitrim where the Shannon waters flow

What’s the best way to get to Dr Hyde Park from Dublin?

Can you pay on the gate or will this be all-ticket?

Didn’t know the connections were Mohill. This could be interesting.

;D ;D ;D

What a victory today - denying Roscommon definite promotion and giving ourselves a great chance. From speaking to my brother who was at the match, it appeared that McCloskey’s goal was the turning point - Leitrim were very poor up to that. Still we’ll take it with open arms.

I am from a part of the parish of Mohill called Eslin Bridge - no doubt you’ve heard of it Baby. Cheers for the text by the way

George McCloskey? The big ginger midfielder who I was laughing at in Croker Last summer? Shame on me.

I do know Eslin Bridge Farmer - a lovely part of the country.

Fantastic win alright. Beat London by 8 or more next week and we are up to 2nd with Monaghan still to come to Cloone the following week. Hopefully Monaghan will play a weakened side as they are already guaranteed promoton and a semi final berth.

No coincidence that the 2 defeats were when Dolan was unable to attend the games due to illness

Gary McCloskey - went to school with the guy
Was our best player yesterday by all accounts and scored the all important first goal with a superb finish

Dolan has been a revelation - he really has. Before we joined we were at one of our lowest ebbs. We were beaten by Ros after a replay in Connacht, Rowley left and more importantly Seamus Quinn retired. It looked like some of our young players were losing heart as well. But he has come in and turned it all around - another 94 is in the offering!

Hard to believe it’s 13 years ago Farmer - unbelievable day. Grown men crying because I’m sure they thought they would never see it happen.

As for a repeat this year, I think it will be a big ask. Assuming we get over London, its Mayo or Galway in the semis. I fancy Mayo to win that which will mean a trip to McHale Park for us. Of course if Galway can beat Mayo, we will have them in Carrick and anything could happen there. Roscommon beat Sligo in the other semi and ya could have a Leitrim vs Ros Connacht Final…jazus you’re right Farmer - it could be up for grabs this year !!!

Lads, is Ros-scum-mon the real local derby for you then or how do things work over in that backwater of a province in terms of main rivalries?

Yes the Rossies is the Big one for us Bandage - no love lost between the 2 counties.

Who would Loch Garman’s biggest rivals in football be ?

Tough to say baby.

When we used to be as bad as Leitrim are now there used to be a preliminary stage of the Leinster Championship. Kilkenny never enter (that’s another story) so the weakest 4 team played a round robin and the winner of that joined the other 7 teams in the quarter finals.

So we were always having battles with the likes of Carlow, Wicklow (these two are local derbies) and Offaly (before the Biffs won Leinster under Tommy Lyons in the 1990s). Now that we are a major football power we’ve moved on from the minnows like Carlow and it was sickening to lose to Offaly last year especially as we’ve developed such a rivalry with them in hurling also (the biffs would be my most hated county).

At the moment I consider our competitors for the Leinster title to be our main rivals and even though we don’t border these counties like Dublin, Meath and Laois we will still take them out one-by-one this summer.

Would rather Galway in the semis Baby. That said London are not going to be easy.

Mayo with O’Mahony will be a much different opposition - and McDonald has a tendancy to re-emerge before the Championship

It is going to be tough definitely