Not Quite Lovely But Better than Rough(ish)




Wrong thread.




Sure I might as well join in


Sick bastards.


Get up the yard, you hypocrite.


My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard



How does one explain to the family why they’re pausing the Television so you can take a picture of these 2?


When family time involves prostitutes you know you’re dysfunctional mate, don’t worry yourself about it.


how do you know his family are sitting there?


I beg your pardon?


You vile cunt.


Is that Bee yonce.Shes wintered well.



Right click
Add photoshop


What’s wrong with her hole?


What absolute muppet put Jessica Chastain on the Not Lovely thread. Is there a way I can block the idiotic ramblings of this shitehawk.

Must be some standard of woman around Ballyshite Waterford, or wherever this gimp is from.


*Edit - I see the same lad says Rita Ora is not a lovely looking lass.

The women @myboyblue must be riding around the backroads, this lad must be knee-deep in angel fanny.


awful white legs, nothing worse than a pair of milk bottles