November Rugby Internationals (aka Kev - "Should BOD be dropped?")


Opinion only and discussion with parents of kids there. Never set foot inside either myself but know plenty alumni.

Wouldn’t know enough to say which is better academically but parents of kids I know unhappy with pres never heard anything negative about CBC. Pres definitely has more notions. Old money.

I wouldn’t dream of sending my kids to fee paying school either. Barring one of them got a sports scholarship. If you were promising young rugby player it would be an immeasurable advantage to play for either of them if you had designs on a career in it


No thats Bandon Tech (Brogans) is it not?


Couldn’t say 100% but he was teaching there alright as far as I know and I thought principal. Could be wrong now


I’d say my rugby career is probably not gonna take off at this hour, thanks, kid. The girlfriends family all went there because their dad did but I don’t think it suited them at all. They’re very creative, one being a full time artist … I’m just doing my homework for down the road* when I tell them to go and fuck and I don’t care how many cousins and uncles went there.

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Christians has caught up but a few places are now doing really well. Coloiste Colm, Ballincollig, Douglas CS, AG North Mon and Rochestown would now all be considered better schools by alot of people. Great mix of people and even cultures now.

CC, Ballincollig annoys me with some of the far right over zealous shit they do.

But you still gave teachers in Pres telling kids give up GAA or Soccer at 13/14. And as mention, their workload is off the charts. But thats a common thing. Homework is a failed concept yet many schools are going tge other way. Its the mental abuse equivilant to physical abuse of making a Schools Senior team do 20 laps every training session. Its dumb.


You could be right. He probably came from Brogans to CBC as my brother was taught by him in the Tech.


Eamonn Sweeney: Ireland are world-beaters in the crying game


cc @Breaking_my_balls


Shocking prejudice against private schools here from @ChocolateMice, @caoimhaoin and @gilgamboa. Based on what I am reading here, Pres seems like a great school.


For a certain maybe 12-+5% of tge population. And thats not in any way to do with wealth.


Incorrect, New Zealand have beaten Australia and South Africa this year. They also managed to beat themselves in Chicago a few weeks ago.


I’ve seen it all now.

A thicko like yourself with little formal education, acting as some sort of aficionado on educational approaches.


England bet them 3 times in a row this year already without the help of a ref


Martin Johnson’s World Cup winning England, the only other team to beat South Africa, New Zealand and Australia in a calendar year, which they achieved twice in a row in 2002 and 2003

According to and Irish Examiner


Cage fighting is not a sport.


Neither is field sumo wrestling, mate.


Correct. In 03 I think they beat all three away from home. Incomparable achievement


Never heard of that sport.


I think we can reach the final of the next world cup


Ireland can win the next World Cup.