November Rugby Internationals (aka Kev - "Should BOD be dropped?")


don’t think we can win it??


Bizarre claim for a man who weights so much in tradition.


Why is that showing as my quote above yours…I didn’t say it


The rugby haters are just seething. It’s an incredible achievement for Ireland (unlike England 2003) to beat the Southern Hemisphere Big 3 of New Zealand, Australia and South Africa within the regulation 80 minutes all in the same year:


In friendlies.


They also lost twice to South Africa and once to New Zealand over the 6 games. So a 50% record against Southern Hemisphere teams in friendlies is the greatest ever performance. :joy:


They lost twice to South Africa? The same South Africa that lost to Italy a couple of weeks ago?


I can’t believe somebody with Kev’s incredible knowledge of how to educate young people isn’t in charge of the schools system. :grin:


There’s no such thing as a ‘friendly’ in international rugby. This is not soccer. This is test rugby. On Saturday both Ireland and Australia had the added incentive of playing for the Lansdowne Cup.


Again it shows up that being my quote you are responding to


Don’t know what’s going on mate. I clicked on the quote from that rugby hater @Julio_Geordio and as you said I just see now you’re name is showing up. The technology is a shambles here.


Unusual that it’s manifested itself in this thread at this time. I’m calling foul


You mean the Aviva cup surely?


But they are not competitive fixtures, mate. They are not in any recognized competition or qualifying for a recognized competition - That’s a non competitive match in anyone’s books - a challenge match.


Italy are the 13th ranked side in international rugby. They’re a serious proposition all the more so now with a coach of the calibre of Conor O’Shea. By way of comparison the Italy soccer side are currently ranked 16th in the FIFA rankings.


13 countries play rugby?



How many countries are listed in the Rugger and in the soccer rankings as a comparison? 50 in rugby is it? And every country/state on the planet in soccer? Be interesting to know the ration of rugger players to population once you get outside the top 20 rugger countries also as a comparison


You’ve now moved from ‘friendly’ onto ‘non-competitive’ matches. They are nothing of the sort. They are international test rugby matches. You’re just another soccer type with a penalty shoot out lottery find a winner mindset who doesn’t understand the traditions of the great sports like rugby and cricket.



Waffle waffle.

Who are Ireland playing in their next friendly?


There were 96 entrants in the 2015 Rugby World Cup.

Just checking on the IRB rankings page there and the rankings go down to 103. Ireland are currently ranked Number 4 and I believe may even rise to Number 3 if Australia lose at Twickenham on Saturday. What an incredible sporting achievement.