November Rugby Internationals (aka Kev - "Should BOD be dropped?")


you don’t recall the last world cup?

players dropping all over the shop, busted for the knockout stages


Nembos faux commitment to work and not stealing from his boss didn’t last long


Study is a failed concept too, presumably.


Who said it was unlucky?


A bit like Jack Charlton.


It’s a sample size of one. A man with such a fondness for ERSI reports should be well aware of viewing any figures in isolation and without context.


I think it’s 10, 125 so…well below the attendance for that Italy game that nobody was interested in


Geoff did right here, mate. You can’t legislate for the injuries apparently


I know that’s a typo, pal, but I found it mildly amusing.

noun: shrew; plural noun: shrews

a small mouse-like insectivorous mammal with a long pointed snout and tiny eyes.
a bad-tempered or aggressively assertive woman.
"the girls became shrews and harridans"


That’s not saying it’s unlucky I don’t think mate. But I won’t speak for @GeoffreyBoycott


Are you taking the piss? If you say you can’t legislate for something then that is the very definition of it being unlucky


every game they play the players drop like flies

it fucked them up in the "world "cup and based on the November “tests” it has actually got worse.

Odd that we are on the other side of the world, playing more games yet we can outlast your chumps


That’s another very astute post. It may technically be a sample size of one but it’s not really if you take this batch of November games and equate it to a World Cup pool. In theory Ireland would be facing into their next game without the likes of Sexton, O’Brien, Henshaw and Kearney. Is it due to Schmidt’s attrition-based game-plan, a deficit in training / S&C or soft / injury prone players?


Studying for brutal exams is ya.

Learning isn’t though. And learning is WAY WAY different to studying.



Are you proud of Tadhg Furlong . You really ought to be .


Studying for exams is not a failed concept. Not studying for them definitely is.

Study is a form of learning.

What you say about homework goes directly against your assertion about sport that talent without application doesn’t amount to much.

Talent without application will not amount to much in an educational context either.


Your homework point may have relevance for certain subjects but for example if you want to improve at maths you will have to do homework to improve


No you won’t. How are the Finns learning maths? Or the Germans? And they are better at it than us at it with no homework. The teacher teaches them. And they get given the ability to learn, not simply “retain” for a short period of time.

Its simply because its yhe way you “think” you learned it.

Proof emerging that things like grinds are an absolute waste of time for the vast majority of people.


Study is study.

Learning is learning.

You are wrong. So stop.


Study clearly is learning, pal.

“You are wrong, So stop” doesn’t really cut it as an argument.