November Rugby Internationals (aka Kev - "Should BOD be dropped?")


There is no debate. You base everything on the past and personal experience. A very retarded (and i mean that in the clinical use of the word) way of viewing the world.


Studies in countries far more advanced than Ireland, like Switzerland and Sweden prove that ad hominem attacks are actually the most effective way of winning an argument. Not using ad hominem attacks to win arguments is like studying for the leaving cert, a fools errand.


Irony alert


Fuck off, you old, bitter, Super Valu* shopper-stalking cunt.

*Formerly Superquinn.


It’s called annual leave, pal.

Those who work, know.


That’s a fucking cracking post @Fagan_ODowd


Cool, Kev. You’re right. You’re right about everything, even the things you’re wrong about, which is virtually everything.


The bitter rantings of a guy who failed in the classroom.


I educated myself


Hasn’t worked out very well for you.


“I am self educated”


I see schmidt has contradicted himself about sexton


Keith Earls making an absolute show of himself vis a vis comments he made in relation to his disgraceful tackle against Glasgow Warriors.

His suspension should be doubled in light of the fact it was halved due to his ‘apology’.


That actually was a stupid move on his part. He should have kept his mouth shut. I started to read the interview on Saturday but gave up after a few paragraphs. I was nearly embarrassed for him



How are we going to assess how it worked out?


In assessing that you are very dumb and regularly get exposed when speaking authoritatively on matters you clearly know very little about.

If you are self-educated, as you claim, then clearly you have lacked critique and correction which might explain why you confidently spout the patently outlandish and utterly incorrect ramblings you do on here.

You seem to pick up a book or click into an article, read it, swallow whatever it tells you (or whatever interpretation you get out of it) without out any degree of cynicism, come on here and form an incoherent viewpoint mired in contradictions, get called out on it, lose the plot and abuse people. It’s a constant cycle.




You need a ride


Or an intervention