November Rugby Internationals (aka Kev - "Should BOD be dropped?")




The tide has turned. The north has 2 of the best 3 teams in the world now and Wales/France/Scotland are all very capable of beating South Africa/Australia/Argentina.

Should be a great Six Nations. Looking forward to all the seeth on here when the the 32 counties unite in early Spring to watch Ireland try and win their title back.


how do you make that out mate

in WC year the north were shit

Would Oireland win a series in any Southern Hemisphere country?


We would beat Chile, Fiji, Samoa all with ease in a series pal


Fourteen consecutive wins for England. Three of their first four Six Nations games are at home to France, Italy and Scotland. They could well be coming to Lansdowne Road looking for a Grand Slam and a 19th consecutive win to overhaul the mark of 18 which New Zealand set back in August.


Chile dont play rogbee:grinning:


Could you throw up the current state of play as regards the British Loins’ starting XV when you get a chance, please, Geoff?

British Loins Tour to New Zealand 2017 - Official Thread
  1. Maka V
  2. Hartley
  3. Furlong
  4. Itjoe
  5. Gray. J
  6. Stander
  7. Van den Flier
  8. Billy V
  9. Murray
  10. Farell
  11. North
  12. Henshaw
  13. Joseph
  14. Williams L
  15. Halfpenny



i) You’re not @GeoffreyBoycott.
ii) You didn’t use the dedicated British Loins thread. British Loins Tour to New Zealand 2017 - Official Thread
iii) You’ve disrespected protocol by not using the established, traditional format for players names, which uses the initials of the players’ christian and middle names.

Sort yourself out.




Might be coming to Dublin to break All Blacks record run of games in last game.

I smell a robbery


Could be a grand slam decider as well


I’d worry about us away to scotland and wales


Always hard to win away but based on what we have seen the last month we are far superior to both. We should win both. We will certainly be favourites for both


Scotland away first game is awkward. They’ve improved a lot. Wales look to be in a rut. Scotland could be the trickier of those two assignments.


They have improved but by how much is questionable. Still don’t win many games they are not expected to. Beat France and Italy last year not sure that’s much to shout about. The performance v Oz in RWC papered over lot of cracks. They were hammered by SA in pool and only scraped past Samoa to qualify.

I think they are massive underachievers for the quality of player they have now. I’d expect Townsend to bring about a big improvement


I had a rugby conversation with a south African earlier, Christ


Another sweet sweep incident relating to concussion with George North yesterday? Saw something briefly on twitter about it


Absolutely disgraceful it was. That’s twice now North has been horribly let down by the process.


He’s too big