November Rugby Internationals (aka Kev - "Should BOD be dropped?")


Huh? He fell straight down on his noggin. Nothing to do with his size


For his position…there’s tendencies in European Rugby that bigger is better.


Maybe so. Nothing to do with his head injury though.


Sweep sweep


Go way there like a good man and adress the disgusting behaviour in Stamford Bridge and the abuse cover up first before you stray elsewhere with your Sweep Sweep. Too many of your sort around the place. It worries me. Sticking your elongated nose in where it’s not wanted


Is there any Australians on this board who will address the situation where an ex Oz international moved to an Irish club who have since more or less retired him due to the concussion issues evident? Vast majority of which accumulated elsewhere

There are several southern hemisphere players have been signed out of the game by Irish docs within 12 months of landing here






name a few


Craig Clarke


thats 1


Do your own research. Your Australian you should have easy access to the list.




MAJOR sweep sweep from you here. Hypocrite.


huh, im not Australian




You were pal definetly.


To be fair now, @Mac has very little interest in Rugby. Relax, pal.


I was out Friday night and ended up talking to 3 club players…I fear for their future mental health.


How fucking long were you talking to the poor cunts?