November Rugby Internationals (aka Kev - "Should BOD be dropped?")


After talking to you for a prolonged time, we all fear for them.


Always knew it was rugby country. Do have a bit of a soft spot for Maire Treasa all the same. A lovely girl


Could you please reclass that. Code it to shite journalism thread please.


Interested in @Bandage view on connacht current injury woes. They play a mirror opposite style to Schmidt really.


France playing New Zealand in Lyon, it’s a friendly, not a test. Starting on Eurosport now


What’s the difference?


No caps anyway, I’m stuck after that.


I’m assuming no ranking points associated with it or something. Never really understood the difference myself


A bit like France v Ireland in Auch in 1988. Franno and Tony Ward’s finest hour in green.


Tony Ward’s finest hour in green in a sporting capacity was in a Shamrock Rovers jersey mate.


“Tadhg, pick up that big log there will ya? Oh good man, that’s lovely.”


Darren Sweetnams family keep 8,000 pigs


If they don’t call it the Sweetham farm they’ve missed a trick


He’s using the log to build momentum


That is fucking genius


Tadhg looks like he’s on a special needs day out.


O’Gara has a deal on the table to join the Crusaders as assistant backs coach. Serious move in fairness to him.


ROG never was one to take a backward step. Some balls on the guy.


Smart man. Serving his time.


He’s dead right to give Munster a swerve at present and for god knows how long? Perhaps even a generation.