Off The Ball aka is Tipp a shithole or not?

Fooking hell. Ken’s defending McGeady big style here. I thought he was sure to have a go at the bhoy.

what did he say

Yer man McDevitt asked him what he thought of McGeady given they’d received a lot of mixed texts about his performance the other day and Ken said he’s always liked McGeady as a player and thought he did well the other night. He accepted he lost the ball a few times but said it was refreshing to have a player on our side not afraid to go for the unexpected and he was a great asset overall.

Missed it last night, really wanted to hear the hurling talk with Daithi and Jamsie. What did O’Regan say about Davy Fitz and Waterford?

He said Davy Fitzgerald made the build-up all about him with his interviews throughout the press and his own column in The Star. He contrasted it to the Kilkenny set-up where the focus remained absolutely on the game and there were barely any quotes coming out of the camp.

He said in spite of getting to the final Waterford’s play had actually disimproved since Justin McCarthy left. He talked about Justin getting criticised for making 70 positional changes in one of the Cork games last year but argued it was this constant movement and rotation and flambuoyancy that made them so hard to stop. He said Davy made them more conventional and by extension easier to defend against.

He said nearly every inter-county player’s been on a team where some lads bitched about the manager but he was disappointed the senior Waterford players didn’t have the guts to approach Justin and thrash things out face-to-face. He came out with the line, ‘Did they expect him to come up from Cork and lick their arses?’

He basically said they liked Davy because he massaged their egos and told them how great they were. And in all the hype and backslapping, he forgot to actually prepare the team for the biggest game of their lives.

A load of people text in and said, ‘Easy to say that now Daithi - you didn’t mention any of this last week.’ But it was entertaining to listen to all the same.

Class. Daithi the man.

Heard a text read out around 10 to 10 last night from a fella calling himself GMan, care to comment GMan?

Off The Ball’s on Setanta Sports One in the evenings these days. Didn’t know until happening upon it now - seems they show half an hour of that night’s show.

I’ve really come round to Ken Early lately, don’t mind him any more and he can be humourous at times (I remember him asking Damien Duff what the differences were between Steve Staunton’s management style and Jose Mourinho’s a good while ago which I found quite humourous).

feck, only saw this now. can safely say it wasnt me. suprisingly, my real name isnt Gman and I wouldnt be sad enough to use it for phone in shows!

what did the text say? :stuck_out_tongue:

WRT Early, I think he’s alright too. when he reads out comments made by managers and he really gives it his all in conveying the emotion makes me laugh.


Jaysus you’re being hard on me now… :smiley:

Ridiculous criticism of Ken on the early part of this thread (pun intended). Ken is the best.


Ya, Larrys statement seems mad now At the time though he may have been judging it on O’ Shea after that bad run he had.

Nicky English is a great contributer on this when he’s on it. Is he involved with any Dublin clubs at all does anyone know?

They have too much on soccer though, they are really stretching the last hour some nights.

They do good American sports bits though, thats probably what they are best at, and they have Daithi Reagan. He should be on the tv more.

Daithi Regan has a face for radio only.

And Pat Spillane is made for tv is he? :rolleyes:

Daithi makes the most sense of almost any GAA pundit out there, without just being controversial for the sake of it, he says what he thinks.

Saying what they think is the problem with a lot of the RTE pundits.