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The biggest issue with Addisons disease is the body’s inability to go into shock when an injury occurs. Therefore the pain threshold is unbearable for any kind of fracture etc. It is a relatively rare disease particularly in this country. In 1999 my wife was one of four people in the country to have it. It is normally treated by relatively heavy doses of quartazone which need to be taken daily . It costs us 140 notes a month and has to be taken every day. Failure to take quartazone over a period od three to five days will lead to a coma.
The most famous person to have had addisons disease is probably JFK.


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It’s a very unusual disease Fagan. If there is a plus side to it, it is that people tend to develop a very sallow skin. My wife looks like she’s just back from Spain in the middle of December. If we get a good summer she just goes bronze. Before we got married the wife attended a specialist in Dublin and he told her it was unlikely she’d carry a baby to full term. When she did get pregnant and the time came, we had half the gynaecologists in the country parked up in Limerick for the birth.
It’s funny though because it’s not hereditary.
We have two perfectly healthy girls with no effects whatsoever.

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It’s very treatable these days. But it’s a bit like diabetes in the sense that failure to take medication will.lead to serious complications


How did the wife fare out in labour with the low pain threshold?


Epidural on the first and was pumped with quartazone two days before the baby was born. On the second she was pumped with quartazone from the moment she was admitted and ended up having a cesarean as the chord had wrapped itself around the baby’s neck.


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Is cortisone? Or quartizone?


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