Off The Ball


Is Gilroy married to a teacher? He reckons no teacher could manage an inter county team to their full potential because they’d have a pile of Gérard Manley Hopkins essays to correct. :smile:


What’s this about? McGrath jacking in his job because he was neglecting his students?


Heard a bit of this show in the car earlier. Gilroy is some irritating cunt all the same.
Souness was on to talk about Ronnie Moran. Gilroy the rude fucker didn’t have his mic turned off, and you could hear his lips smacking away - he always sounds like a fella who is eating a big white bread roll, or else is on the verge of a heart attack. He kept trying to interrupt Souey who was paying tribute to the great Ronnie. When Souey eventually stopped talking for half a second, he was straight in with one of his patented two minute questions that would even embarrass Dave Fanning.





Derek McGrath is some cunt giving up his job because he doesn’t have the time for inter county management. How many all Ireland a did Cody win as a working teacher? I hope this Waterford team never win another game.


He didnt give up his job.


It’s easier to be a primary school teacher than secondary school


Was it using it the second time that sent you over the edge there mate? Would you have been ok if I said Souey just once?
Was wondering who’d be first to bite on that one when I deliberated over how many times I’d include it in the comment.


FAO @Nembo_Kid


Is he mad? Gambling is tremendous fun. It’s a fantastic release from reality. Even better when you win.

He clearly hasn’t joined the


You should tweet him and tell him he hasn’t a gambling problem he’s just doing it wrong.



I tried to buy socks off his website at the weekend and the site is hacked.
Sent them a message on Facebook and got no response.


Daithi Regan went to town on the poisonous dwarf tonight.

Even Jamesie didn’t try to downplay it.


Daiihi always seems to have it in for Davey. i didn’t get to listen to it but it was mentioned before the show started he would be on and was not best pleased with the bould lad, reckon he had a right cut off him. was there any mention of a potential ban?


I don’t think it’s up to Daithi to issue a ban


Joe Molloy came on at the end say Daithi’s opinions are his own and do not reflect those of the Off The Ball team, the gobshite.


Davy admitting (or after the fact making up to make himself look like some kind of motivational genius) that he did it on purpose to gee up the team, was pretty dumb unless he is going out of his way to get a ban to create the kind of siege mentality that Loughnane thrived on. I wouldn’t rule that out.


Davy’s behaviour is so ridiculous that people always want to explain it by some strategic motive. But honestly there isn’t one. His post-match comments were pure ego. Like his seven gameplans and pundits being unable to understand his tactics.


Nobody has managed to figure out his new system yet


I dont think davy has either