Off The Ball


The Off the Ball lads are missing a trick with Hurling. If they could only realise that Limerick are box office and build a slot around us every week. Invite a couple of mad bastards on for a few incendiary comments and take it from there.


Wouldn’t work without subtitles


Was that not what WLR was?



You’re obsessed with the drama / soap opera / controversy / box office. Can you not watch a game and enjoy it for the hurling and not need the media circus and controversial talking points to make it enjoyable?

P.S. What did hurling specifically do in the 90’s to self promote itself that it doesn’t do any more?


Allow ye Kilkenny cunts to dominate.


And how can we make sure it doesn’t happen again?


Once we have the five in a row wrapped up ye can win one or two again.


Let mad bastards from Limerick and Clare into all Ireland finals


If we just pass it over and back for the next 50 odd years I’m sure everybody will be happy. The hurling purists love nothing better than a KK v Tipp final


Does the Guinness campaign count? Or are they not self promotion? Either way, they contributed to making hurling “cool” in the 90’s


The Hurley would never snap like that. Somebody was twisting and pulling out of that for about 20 minutes


Twould if it was a big massive giant swinging it.


What I mean is that it isn’t a clean break


Have you never seen a giant firing a hurley into the ribs of another giant? All bets are off, shur that hurley is 5000 years old.


Or KK v Cork in fairness, or a “real” Munster Final.
Lookit, it’s nice for the smaller counties to have their odd moment in the spotlight, but as sure as you will always have Kerry and Dublin in the football, KK, Cork and Tipp will each have spells of dominance in hurling.


And thats a fact of life.


It’s “hurl”, guys. Only boggers from Munster backwaters say “hurley”.


Like your father?




He says “hurl”.