Off The Ball


Some cereal brought out a GAA sticker album in the mid-nineties as well. 1994 I’d say.


Am I right in saying the fella who took the free played for Clontarf?


Can’t remember but one of the ugly cunts in the goal played for Plunketts.


Kellogg’s Corn Flakes. It was brought out at the start of 1995, January or February. The stickers mostly ended up being stuck on the back of people at school.


But not an “ey”.


I was a Johnny Dooley away from an All Ireland around the same time.


Good banter here with Whelan, Lawrenson and David O’Leary


3 cunts


I heard a bit of it,awful shite.


O’ Leary is a hero and should have started that game, Ronnie is also a hero but ML seems a bit of a cunt. Thought Ballack came across well


They were three of Ireland’s best ever players but they wouldn’t be your three favourite Irish players to have a few pints with .


Why wouldn’t you want a pint with them? I wouldn’t mind it


I never said I wouldn’t like to have a drink with them but they probably wouldn’t be the best of Craic .


O’Leary and Whelan would bore you to tears, Lawrenson is a cunt of epic proportions


Fair enough but id still definitely have a pint with them. The other fella I agree is a cunt


The first two wouldn’t be great to buy a round by all accounts .


I heard an odd odd story about whelan recently


Odd x 2.

cc @backinatracksuit


:grin: must be bad


Did he make an idle rape threat against an anonymous poster on an INTERNET forum in a lame attempt to appear edgy?