Off The Ball




Maybe he now spends his days composing long poems that nobody ever reads for an Internet forum audience of 65, then engages in dumb arguments across a range of time zones because he has nothing else to do, now that would be odd odd behaviour.




Lovely morning mate.


It is

Is great day to cycle to work


Listen to his Irishman Abroad interview, it’s quite good


I’m just about to go for a spin myself


enjoy mate


Beautiful day for it. Over there as well I take it?


Did you wear a helmet?


Of course. Even though there is a debate whether you should or should not


I don’t think you should bother mate


I’m not a cyclist. Just wondering would it not be very uncomfortable on a morning like we have this morning?


It would feel odd not wearing one.


Well that’s a good thing. Gets you into the habit


About 18-20. Sunny but May hasnt been great


I did too. That Ciaran Whelan is an awful weirdo.


You’ve clearly read them if you’re aware of them, mate.

Keep on seething. :grin:


I spotted one on Sunday, I gave it a chance but it was so shit that I couldn’t get past the third (of ten :joy:) stanza. I did chuckle that something which you put that time into got you a solitary like, what a hopeless cunt you are. And I’m the one seething :smiley:


Well at least you admit you’re the one seething, mate, which is a start.

Well done on spotting it by the way - it’s nice to know not everything flies over your head, even if it usually does appear that way.