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Prompted by @gilgamboa’s flagging of the pat Lam interview with OTB, it reminded me there’s been a few good pieces from them in recent weeks worth listening to if anyone is arsed

Kilkenny hurler Tom Walsh, Kathrine Switzer and the Lisbon Lions are among the many voices in the 1967 edition of OTB Reflections.

The always excellent Paul Rouse joins Nathan in studio to chat about the glory days of Carlow football. This is far better than you’d imagine

Nathan sits down with Richard Dunne for a catch up on life in the South of France, reminiscing in memories of 15 years ago and Ireland’s chances against Austria.

Martin O’Neill talks Forest, Clough, moving to the UK, and the Irish job.

Jack McCaffrey talks Dublin, Medicine and life

Obviously the begrudgers on here may not like this, but I found it great fun, and fuck ye if ye dont think so

Colm Keys, Colm Begley and Mickey Quinn discuss the AFL experience


have you got O’Neil destroying Gilroy?

Ger Gilroy:

Yeah, except the thing about the national team is that…

A lot of the the…

A lot of the language around it is dictated, by the TV punditry

And I don’t know if the view is necessarily dictated the way it would have been when we were kids growing up, where there was… like…

No access

No other analysis

No other media around it

It was like the two lads, said whatever they said

The public parroted that

Maybe, I think now people have much more access and they have their own information

And they can make their own mind up

But it’s still…like, there is still a dominate viewpoint at times.

Is…the viewpoint that comes across on the TV punditry

And, with the national team everybody feels a sense of ownership about it

Martin O’Neill:

Eh sorry

I am not following you

Give me that again

Ger Gilroy:

Are you worried that sometimes the analysis around team is a bit too negative?

Martin O’Neill:

You could of said that in the first place

That took you 15 minutes

Ger Gilroy: (Interrupting quickly)

I wanted to explain it properly

Martin O’Neill:

Well, it is easier if you just speak simply

You know, it helps…

Post of the Year 2017

That was brilliant :smiley:


Great stuff by MON. Gilroy needs to realise that he should ask questions to get information for the listener and not to try and make himself look more intelligent than he is.




A nice reply. Obviously a lot of hatred for gilroy


That’s brilliant. Just listened to it there. It’s at 47 minutes in the interview @myboyblue embedded there if anyone wants to pick it out. Took a full 40 seconds to ask it.


The Chris waddle interview last night was very funny/entertaining


He’s always entertaining. An alright sort. Still plays a bit of football for his pub team.


And a lot of love for MON. A great man, with a wicked line in put downs.


Heard the MON interview live on Saturday while driving. Very interesting on his time in Belfast and then moving to Nottingham with family.


Richie McCormack from Off The Ball reckons the Evening Herald mistakenly using a picture of Stormzy (who’s he?) instead of Lukaku raises questions about their attitude to people of colour. :laughing:


Declan Lynch was tremendous on today’s newspaper review laying into the corporate culture of sport, and golf and Sky Sports in particular.


he compared the bogball stadium in cark to a below average championship stadium


I was underwhelmed by it, albeit that was only from seeing it on tv yesterday.


It was very public spirited of you to watch the hurling.


I thought so too mate


There will be concerts there as well, give you a chance to see it in the flesh.


No way I would travel all the way to Cork just for a concert


A rejuvenated Cork football team managed by Billy Morgan & Tomas O Se playing Kerry next year in PUC will be your chance .