Off The Ball


Leitrim might get to an All Ireland junior football semi-final down there in the next year or two. Hold tight, mate.


I was thinking a Div 4 league game but that would probably be in Pairc Ui Rinn


Listening back here … Cyril is a gas man :rofl:


Top man .


He was principal of a school in Loughrea. Caught lads playing poker one day. Played one round of acey-deucy for the pot, won, took the money and went on his merry way.


He’s a great man to listen to … does he do any public speaking gigs? Be a great man to get to do a charity gig of some sort - he’d have you in tears.


I’m not sure to be honest, I think he takes it handy enough. He’d be on a nice pension. Has the RTE gig too.


A new low tonight


?? Go on .


Caught 10 mins driving home from work. Jesus Christ. They’re pissed and it’s fucking awful.




What’s the low down here, mate?


I think it’s the weekly quiz. They seem to have an audience at the electric picnic.


Kevin Bland Kilbane is on as well.


It’s electric picnic. They are drunk and the bants is whacky

Imagine going on the piss with Mac and gman


Nothing worse than an unfunny drunk.


Very anti Rovers agenda early in the show.


Time to change over for Limk v Finn Harps now anyway


There was some classic Gilroy during the hurling preview, where he asked Ken McGrath if it mattered that he didn’t win an All-Ireland because he come could still come to events like that one and be interviewed. No doubt a half dozen All-Ireland medals wouldn’t give Ken the same pleasure as being interviewed by Ger Gilroy in a pub.


You didnt win an AI but it doesn’t matter because your part of the hurling community :joy::joy:

In fairness to Tommy Walsh he gave Ken and Olly canning a right oul gee up saying about how jealous he was of the “hape” of success the lads had with their clubs