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Lord knows why, who the fuck wants to listen to a premier league match in its entirety on the radio, as if to prove my point they did have Bournemouth and Southampton yesterday lunchtime, on fucking Irish radio :open_mouth:


You must wonder what the listenership is for that? Similar to Today FM still doing live Saturday’s 3pm kick-offs.

Who would actually bother sitting there listening to a game when if you really wanted to see a game nowadays there’d be a stream for it.

Maybe auld lads and lads driving who aren’t really into music? I’m a football fan but it wouldn’t be arsed unless maybe it was some very very big game.


That’s about it, the fact that they have a commentator and colour analyst in a box in Bournemouth is beyond bizarre, in truth I’d have it on in the background sometimes cause I can’t be arsed changing over but who the fuck is actively listening to Soton/Bournemouth, to think that they scrap the paper review and all the decent shit for that rubbish :hushed:


I follow Off The Ball on twitter for GGA related content so tweets about the likes of rugby football and the EPL League don’t interest me.

They had a thing going for ages where they’d tweet commentary clips - “click to hear how Dave McIntyre & Gary Breen saw Charlie Austin’s near miss for the Saints at Turf Moor - live commentary now on Newstalk” type stuff. That may be over 140/280 characters but along those lines.

I replied one random Sunday to such a tweet from @OffTheBall basically saying surely there’s only about 17 people in Ireland who care about Bournemouth-Watford and they’re probably watching it on Sky.

Adrian Barry went apoplectic and I had a to and fro with him. Then he retweeted his tweets and my replies - “here’s the petty criticism we get for providing a great service to Irish fans of the EPL” - and I had a series of Fergals from Dungarvan, massive Middlesboro’ fan, type psychos tweeting me.

I was very very upset.




Not the first time I had somebody engage their entire twitter following and invite them to attack me unfairly. It was a frightfully distressing experience.


Is that Richie Sadlier, Shane Lowry or The 51 Bar you’re referring to?


the orish are obssessed with British culture in general and ape their betters are every opportunity, I raised this very point recently, wall to wall coverage of British soccer every Saturday even on the likes of Clare and Limerick fm, you wouldn’t even get that in London


Sad cases spending their weekends dressed to the 9s in their favourite soccer team kit, cunts that wouldn’t find Liverpool on a map claiming to be die hard fans


Very true,ha ha.


Yeah everything is better in England with them clowns


You get a better class of Britishness in Britain.


I caught a snippet of this in the car tonight. Yer man Joe Molloy was talking to some chap, maybe a Dublin footballer, I don’t know who got 385 points in the leaving then went to college later did a BA and got a first.

Joe Molloy says, well do you think it was because you were older. I mean I went to college at 18 did a BA but I had it in mind to have few pints and chase a few women. I got a 2.1. I often think if I’d studied a bit I’d have got a first.


That Molly lad is 2 ends of a fucking geebag


Smarmy clever clogs know it all kunt




Do people still listen to this show ?


Yes, they had an excellent piece on Niall Donoghue recently


Snippets. It seems.


Have to say this was a fairly powerful piece also. I never really read too much on the Derry O’Rourke abuse cases within the swimming world. Pretty shocking stuff.