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I’m not disputing any of that but radio is his medium, not tv

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could you flesh that out a bit please?

Never warmed to Regan, always comes across as a smug enough individual, full of self righteousness…bit of a waffler
is that enough flesh for you?

He has the sort of head that when you see it on the telly you constantly say to yourself " how did a fella with a head like that get on the telly" and you end up not listening to what he is saying , which is usually quite intelligent. When he is on the radio you don’t have that distraction.

he was probably one of the most limited I/C hurlers I have ever seen as well…

Regan is anything but smug and a super analyst of the game.

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listen mate, id take a step back from the brink if i were you.
lots of well known media celebrities read this forum, personal insults like that will land you in a world of shit

I stand over every word


There’s a great clip in the off the ball archive of Nicky English and himself. Regan has a long rambling defence of both Justin McCarthy and his own criticism of Waterford under Davy Fitz, and Nicky takes it apart in about thirty seconds.

My impression of him is that he is perfectly suited to writing over the top, badly informed bullshit for the Indo. He’d be right at home there.

Regan hates Cork, especially this current batch of Cork hurlers. His dislike for them shines through every time he talks about them. Surprised you haven’t picked up on it kev, or maybe you have and are the bigger man.

Their interview with Dan Shanahan last week was superb and they had Kevin Walsh on the same night. I’d go so far as saying that their main anchor Eoin something is the best radio/TV sports interviewer in the country. Their other presenters are quality too imo, they can be annoying but compared to other pundits here and further afield their actually not that bad at all. Excellent show all told.

Similar visceral dislike for the current Waterford team. For the same reasons. Not a man for the player power is our Daithi I’d say.

agreed re McDevitt. He never shies away from asking the difficult question, the question every one wants to hear asked. He is the polar opposite of Des Cahill in that regard. Des never shies away from the inane question

Well i don’t want to be claiming that, as i have defended them numerous times, but i have always seen why people wouldn’t like them and as long as it is informed then i have no problem with that view at all. They pissed me off in a big way a few times as well. I often felt they had no real respect for the club game in Cork at times. They asked for non All-Ireland final run ups to be altered too much IMO. I have no problem with 20 days for the All-Ireland, but them, and management, asked for and got alot more. Tom Kenny (not his own fault now) used to upset a whole divisional Junior hurling and football every year, that was wrong, turned alot of people off. Weak administration added to that of course.

Think its noticeable the Clare lads don’t like Reagan, and the fact he thinks Davy is a bluffer, he could well be one it seems to be transpiring now. I totally disagree that he’s a guy trying to be controversial, and don’t think he’s smug. I think guys mistake someone who’s well spoken sometimes for someone who’s smug.

Some local Kilkenny journalist on there earlier.

He said that Kilkenny will win the All Ireland again as Tipperary played about as good as they could last year and still couldn’t beat them. He thinks Kilkenny have improved as well. I would tend to agree.

Almost 10,000 watched a training session in Nowlan Park last night. Holy fuck.

I’ve said it before and say it again. Cahill is a brutal broadcaster. Fucking useless and with Canning and Lyster sums up the utter
mediocrity of most of RTE’s GAA coverage.

He was a bit of a character that lad, was his surname Enriques or was I hearing things?

Barrie Henriques presumably - sounds like a Huegenot name. Along with that John Knox lad from the Kilkenny people he is proof that Kilkenny hurling is Protestant to the core.

Cahill can be ok on the radio. Those softly, softly interviews can get great stories out of people but it’s only for the radio. On a show like the sunday game it doesn’t work.

Thats the one, a tad confident to say the least!