Official All Ireland Minor and U20 Hurling & Football Thread (Part 1)

If Galway didn’t get a bye into the the semifinals, they’d win fuck all. It’s just not fair.


Rabbitte is the spit of the old lad only much more skilful.

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It’s a very good Galway team. Cork worked hard to bring themselves back into it but big gulf in talent.


Very taken with Cullen Killeen in midfield as well.

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That is an exceptional Galway team.

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Good sign when the subs coming on are much better than who they replaced. Scoreboard harsh on Cork. Blew themselves out getting back in to it. Galway backs are go h’an cliste. That Murphy in midfield will be very fortunate if he starts in midfield the next day.


Their backs were impressive. Most important task is doing something at 20s with those players now over the next couple of years


Lethal Lenny with 6 points so far as the Dublin minors kick for home v Offaly 6-11 to 1-5

I was at this. Which lad was lethal Lenny.
Dublin had two goals scored in the first two minutes

  1. Hoped to go down but on babysitting duty

It was men against boys so hard to rate individuals.

Only terrace tickets available for the double header on Sunday

Feck it anyway. I had planned on heading to that but the terrace wouldn’t be for me.

I see there’s a lad from Beann Eaidir on the extended panel, good to see

Yeah Ballyboughal have 3 too which is unheard of for them I’d say but lot of families in that area now.

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One on subs and one on the extended panel.

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Are they in top league for that grade or even near it ?

I think they are Div 2 at least. A good age group and good coaches. Hopefully they can stick together and not be plundered by neighbouring clubs.

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The Kildare media has Stockholm Syndrome.

Lethal Lenny the main man again