Official All Ireland Minor and U20 Hurling & Football Thread

Tipperary came from 10 points down to defeat Kerry in the munster semi final tonight. B)

Savage win for Tipp, i believe it was 11 points Mullach.

Cork hammered Clare up in Clare and gave a very good performance by all accounts.

Kerry football, RIP tonight. A catastrophic collapse in the second half. I didn’t see it and have to read the report properly before I name and shame.

While i agree ye are in trouble, you are being a little unfair on Tipp. This wqas a good Tipp team flagged from back a bit and Tipp football in general is run brilliantly and in fairness would put alot of what Kerry does to shame.

The irony is Kerry (Co. Board) seem to have no time for Evans, who is running this show for Tipp. Its so often an innovative guy is seen as a lunatic troublemaker in his own town, but a hero elsewhere. Happens so much.

Evans has turned Tipp football on it’s head up there. Between the U-21’s being hammered and now another average minor side the future looks bleak. Credit to Tipp, they are a strong side and the Kerry team really feared them tonight. I’m not sure did they just take their foot off the gas or what tonight in the second half or what conditions were like in Thurles. I’ll read up on it tomorrow.

It’s ok Kev, they’ll appreciate you in Oz.

When are you off to Oz Kev? Any chance you’d bring your version of Doctor Watson (MBB) with you?


Unfortunately alot of what i have learned Runt is from the Aussies, so i’ll be run of the mill over there.

Eh they have the Internet over there as well dumb ass, you won’t get away from his dull and boring musings.

Off soon enough now.

When exactly? Lad I know from Clare wants to know

Huh? :blink:

Perhaps not the right thread, but the Feile is on this weekend up in Galway.
Will probably be up at it myself for a while.

Say hello to twiceasnice when you see him.

Also Limerick are playing Waterford this Saturday night in the Minors. I won’t be going to it myself but would be a huge result if we could win it.

Second year in a row Tipp have been knocked out by Clare, they won’t be happy. will Ramie Ryan get as much abuse as O’Leary did last year

The final nail will be driven into the kilkenny underage hurling coffin in wexford park this evening.

Limerick getting a trimming after 20 minutes 3-3 to 0-0 :unsure:

Update from Wexford park
H-T Wexford 2-10 KK 1-8
Wexford had a very strong breeze in the first half but are down to 14.

3-7 to 1-3 now.

Dublin 0-15 Westmeath 2-4

13 minutes left

3-7 to 1-4 at HT