Official Binocular 2011 champion hurdle thread

Following on from last year’s amazing tipping where all followers had an 8-1 winner this thread is dedicated to Binocular winning the champion hurdle this year.
Ive already started backing him and willl continue to do so relentlessly until the off.
Hopefully i wont be stuck offshore or else somewhere in the Kazak desert come festival time but shift permitting i hope to be tearing down a Bruce Betting shop once this race ends.


Israeli’s and their money :rolleyes:

signing in

I had him at 10’s and 9’s last year

Whats he trading at now and where is the best price?

7/2 or thereabouts…

Signing in. I’m converted

with fran on his side, he can’t lose…


after runt and i cleaned up on this lad last year we owe it to him to follow him again


Signing In

+1 mate. I hope you get to see it.

Signing in.

Had this fella at 8s and A New Story at 33s on Day 1 last year.

:pint: :pint: :pint:

wasnt at the wedding last year, but i am in this time…super animal
Dont think his price will change much between now and the festival, not much point in taking 7/2 now



:o :o

Most money i have ever gained by laying a horse, must do it more often… Wah hey!

interested to hear what you fancy tomorrow hangblaa…

ive been on the receiving end of quite the anti post hammering here but fuck it thats the risk you take,
this is the second such instance of note now surrounding henderson and horses been treated with allergy medication ( i cant remember the name of that horse owned by the queen a few years back) but at least i suppose they made the right move of pulling hin out now instead of registering a positive sample when he won the race and hence the consequences that would have followed.

im not sure what to make of this race now, based ion what i saw last year im going to back Khyber kim, im aware its an animal and not a machine and i know it ran poorly at xmas , however with good drying ground, a horse that has proven it can handle the hill most notably when second to bino last year and a team that have cheltenham as their home track i think its worth 20 quid EW at the price on offer ( hoping ~8-1)

The auld fella said Paddy Power is refunding all antepost bets on Binocular.

Can anyone confirm?

Most of the big firms are except Boylesports from what i know so the likes of mickee should be saved.

I wonder will Hangblaa refund all the money he made on betfair laying Binocular…