Official Fitz/Sigerson/3rd level thread


Wit by two.


15points to 13 WIT. Good performances from Mark Molloy,Fives and the Hammer


Any word from UL V UCC dec???


Last i heard UL were a goal up halfway through the second half. waiting on a result


Heard they were 6 up with about 10 to play…Cunt isn’t answering his phone now :angry:


im in the same situation! pricks! was meant to head to this but got caught working.


2-20 to 1-13 UL


Big win for them!


serious win for them. they play WIT now. So much for UCC timing their run!


NUIG 1-24 St. Pats 1-12


Were you at it, how did the Clon lads go???


G’wan UL ta fuck.


H’on our crowd :smiley:


Middlin performance really. They only played well for about ten minutes either side of half-time but they made hay in that spell. DoD was fairly poor, improved a little in the second half but still wasn’t great. Was marking JJ Farrell who was roasting him at the start of the game. Farrell had a good game generally. Conlon was full-forward. Caused havoc every time the ball game near him early on, was the main threat all the way through the first half in fact but got almost no ball in the second. Finished with two points I’d say. Biggest change came for Galway today when they put Lee back into centre-back and put Hennessy centre-forward. Hennessy was very good, finished with six points at least, maybe more.


Did Nihill and Cormac see any action, heard they were both struggling with injuries and were touch and go


No I don’t remember seeing them anyway. Cormac’s been out for ages whatever’s wrong with him. For the rest of the Clare camp Pa Kelly and Nash were nearly the best. Barrett was poor and was taken off, Tuohy was alright, and Casey was reasonably solid at full but god help him the next day. Lee, Hennessy, Conlon, and Coone will all have to play out of their skins for them to have a chance against Lit.


Thats a hammering alright, not too worried about being wrong though.


He has a hamstring/lower back injury, had a similar injury this time 2 years ago…


WIT :clap:


Do us illiustrious alumni have a song we sing on such occassions?