Official Fitz/Sigerson/3rd level thread


I propose The Fields of Athenry




so the weekend is nearly sorted. We have the hosts, which will guarantee a bit of buzz about the weekend, The underachievers who feel this is their year, the modern day Fitz specialists still hurting from last year and either the new breed of college or one of the aristocrats who have be down for a long time.


I have to say that I’ve always found it strange that anybody outside those directly involved in these competitions would give a shite about their outcome.




That’s a cow you IDIOT!!!





Dare I say, there’s a touch of the Schools’ Rugby Cup about it in some quarters.


Nobody follows this crap, schools Rugby has a large following.


We don’t go in for the gay cheerleading quite so much.

But as a means of asserting our superiority over IT scum then you’re absolutely correct.


what position was Mark Molloy playing for WIT today wing back midfield or wing forward i would presume anyone got the lineup otherwise … nice to see if any other local lads were on the team


You’ve got a serious problem. Serious issues to deal with.


Schools rugby is the production line for our senior international rugby team. History, tradition, colour, excitement, atmosphere and bloody fine rugby are the words you associate with it. No Schools Cup, no Grand Slam, no Champions of Europe.

The Sigerson and Fitzgibbon cups are a production line for burnt out players.


Schools ruckby =

rich kids playing a game for rich kids representing institutes for rich kids in a contest for rich kids

Fitzgibbon/Sigerson =

The cream of the egalitarian national games brought together by progressive social and education policy to compete with and against the best and the brightest no matter their income or background. No hype is necessary.


Not to be seen to be sticking up for Fitz/Sig or anything, but haven’t people died as a result of schools rugby?


I’m getting into the spirit of this and would like to wish my alma mater, UCD, all the best tomorrow. However, I do have grave misgivings about a Clonard man being in charge of the team.


As Bill Shankly once said, Schools Rugby isn’t a matter of life and death, it’s much more important than that.


is he still over them? jaysus, had a few run ins in my time with him. bit of a shitehawk if you ask me


In other news, I see athlone have objected to mary i’s involvement in the Ryan Cup. Its about the use of their Post Grads. I know they have Shane McGrath,Egan and Jamie Nagle in doing the Dip. The rule is i think, Post grads can onlty play in their first two semesters and are ineligble for their 3rd and final semester. thats if they start in sept. now the mary i dip begins in feb so there is the grey area. This could have serious repurcusions to other post grads students in the other colleges. Puke have you heard anything re this


Heard nothing about it TBH…I wouldn’t bother myself with matters as trivial as the Ryan Cup…