Official Fitz/Sigerson/3rd level thread


Either would i but normally when theres an objection lodged they look at all the teams left in all competitions. there could be a lot of colleges sweating with this news.


Yerrah there is this kind of shite every few years…DCU were in dispute over Shane Ryan and Munnelly a few years ago who were doing post grads and weren’t allowed play and LIT were fairly blackguarded back in 2006 when they weren’t allowed use lads that were out on work experience


LIT are fairly well in the plus column when it comes to working the system


Declan, is Colm Bonnar actually in charge of the WIT team or does he just oversee hurling / sport in the college?


AFAIK he is over the scholarship program and has been for the last number of years. no matter what you say about him, hes an excellent fitz manager


Not disputing that - was just wondering.


There is no denying that and that was half the reason they were blackguarded that time…


The LIT thing is interesting Puke. In 2005 when LIT won the fitz, they had a number of players who were on down as being on work placement but were not in the college,alledgedly. In 06, these players were actually students and were out of placement. in 06 they were 100% legal to play… BUT as they had been on ‘placement’ in 05 they were ruled illegal as in the rules you cannot be on placement for more than 12 consecutive months!


Tyrell and Murphy were the two that were deemed ineligable if memory serves me correctly when they were actually legitimately out on placement and were all above board from the year before but due to the rules being bent before there was no real room for manouver and a stand was taken…I believe they were only told a day or two before their quarter final as well that they were ineligable…Think it was WIT that bet them in the quarters that year, Eoin Kelly was out injured as well


Thats right but the year before i dont think they were above board but a bit of high up manouvring(you know who im on abt if you were in lit) made them legit on paper. It was UCC who bet them above in LIT. Kelly started but was gone i think after 5 mins.I remember talking to some of the ucc lads after that game and they said the atmosphere above was something else. abuse being thrown left right and centre from the supportors. LIT didnt open the gate til 5mins before throw in,they had warmed up somewhaere else! Thats right they were ruled illegal on the monday and the game on the wed.


I went to UL but would have lived with a couple of lads that hurled for LIT at one stage, would have the inside track on a lot of their shithawkery alright


They were unreal at one stage. have calmed down a bit lately but there is a small bit of it going on! always thought you were LIT


Were Davy and his crew at the root of it or is there someone else behind it?


No UL but haven’t much gra for them after they dropped me from their intermediate panel…


Patsy Morrissey never rated the clare lads!


Theres a few involved alright… in fairness they had it down to a tee for a while.


Ruthless UL too strong for inexperienced UCC
UL 2-20 UCC 1-13
By Fintan O’Toole

Thursday, February 25, 2010

THE end margin may have flattered UL slightly, as four late unanswered points added gloss to their Fitzgibbon Cup quarter-final win, and conceals a battling display by a UCC team that were light on physique and experience in comparison to their opponents.

But there was no mistaking UL’s superiority, which manifested itself in the opening stages and was ruthlessly confirmed when they accelerated for home in the final straight.

With Ger Cunningham and Cian O’Neill presiding over matters on the sideline, UL translated their good form in the group stages into fluent hurling in the knock-out arena.

They will stride forward to Friday week’s semi-final against Waterford IT in a state of high confidence, buoyed by the knowledge that they possess a team loaded with heavy artillery.

Their side has been bolstered this year by the presence of fresh faces, with Tipperary senior Willie Ryan in vibrant form here as he inked 1-9 next to his name on the scoresheet and Offaly’s Shane Dooley grabbing a crucial goal from his corner-forward berth.

The Tipperary influx to their defence is also serving them well with John Devane a model of strength at centre-back and Paddy Stapleton combative in the corner.

But the influence of the mainstays of last year’s team has not been diluted either. As the match progressed here Brian Carroll and Ryan O’Dwyer flourished in the half-forward line and skilfully picked off seven points between them. While Devane was flanked by two wonderful half-backs in Kieran Joyce and Seamus Hickey, and it was no coincidence that UCC withdrew two-thirds of their half-forward line before the finish.

Despite all the strong facets of UL’s team, it was wholehearted and keenly-contested fare for a large chunk of this clash. That was due to the persistence and resilience of UCC, whose starting 15 had undergone an extreme makeover before this game.

They started with a completely new full-back line as the Kearney twins flanked Ballymartle’s Seamus Corry. The trio may have been young but they were ferociously competitive and it was notable that UL’s full-forward line only struck one point from play over the hour. UCC were without Kevin Hartnett, as college commitments saw him in the USA, so Aidan Quilligan slotted into the centre-back berth, while there was a new midfield pairing of Waterford senior Richie Foley and Tipperary’s Michael Cahill.

The key moment in the opening period arrived in the 7th minute when Willie Ryan unleashed a blistering drive to the net and that score enabled UL to keep UCC at arm’s length for the majority of the half.

UL were able to source plenty of possession for their attack but some heroic UCC defending kept the score count low, while up front the Cork college’s forwards were masters of economy in front of goal. They extracted a score from the majority of their attacks and only trailed 1-5 to 0-5 after the first quarter.

Edging towards the interval UL stretched 1-8 to 0-6 in front but super late points by Luke O’Farrell and Stephen Moylan, UCC’s most prominent forwards on the day, left them only three adrift at the break.

In the second half UCC kept in touch initially but the course of the game was defined by the outcome of goals chances at either end. UCC came up short in the 31st minute when Robert White’s placed effort rolled just past the post and to twist the knife further, UL grabbed their second when Dooley batted home a Ryan sideline in the 40th minute.

At the end of the third quarter UL were 2-14 to 0-12 in front, when UCC finally hit the net when Moylan bundled home. But they required more goals and a marvellous block by Conor Fogarty denied O’Farrell late on. UL’s marksmanship was of a high standard and a string of late points sealed their progression.

Scorers for UL: W Ryan 1-9 (0-9f), S Dooley 1-0, B Carroll 0-4, R O’Dwyer 0-3, N O’Murchu 0-2, M Walsh, M Ruth 0-1 each.

UCC: S Moylan 1-6 (0-5f, 0-1 ’65), L O’Farrell, R Foley (0-1f) 0-2 each, B O’Sullivan, R White, B Beckett 0-1 each.

UL: T Lowry (Tipperary); P Stapleton (Tipperary), M Malone (Kilkenny), C Fogarty (Kilkenny); K Joyce (Kilkenny), J Devane (Tipperary), S Hickey (Limerick); M Walsh (Kilkenny), N O Murchíú (Waterford); T Connors (Waterford), R O’Dwyer (Tipperary), B Carroll (Offaly); W Ryan (Tipperary), M Ruth (Kilkenny), S Dooley (Offaly).

Subs: M Whelan (Laois) for Devane (inj) (48), A Quinn (Clare) for Connors (51), P Murphy (Tipperary) for Ryan (58).

UCC: M Collins (Cork); D Kearney (Cork), S Corry (Cork), W Kearney (Cork); J Jordan (Cork), A Quilligan (Clare), E Martin (Wexford); M Cahill (Tipperary), R Foley (Waterford); B O’Sullivan (Limerick), B Beckett (Kilkenny), R White (Cork); S Moylan (Cork), L O’Farrell (Cork), G Mulcahy (Limerick).

Subs: S Burke (Tipperary) for Mulcahy (38), J Halbert for Beckett (43), D Honan (Clare) for O’Sullivan (54).

Referee: Jason O’Mahony (Limerick)

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Very good in fairness. Your bang on. :smiley:


So you played Fitz did ya Puke. Ryan Cup is a noble competition, raising in standard all the time.


From the players i know, thats a shockingly small UCC team. Looks like they were down a fortune of experience. Shane Corry full back??? Holy shite. The Kearneys are fine hurlers, but not corner backs, and need a bit if size around them. Maybe UCC simply didn’t have the players now, but thats very poor management of players. And they took O’ Sullivan out of midfield, where he was going well.

Anyway, thats a strong looking UL team alright. Had i seen those 2 teams i would have been lumping on UL. Moylan or Mulcahy on instead of Honan?!?

They were hardly blooding guys for next year, that would be retarded. Anyway, good to see the bigger lights in that place take a knock back, arrogant fucks.