Official Fitz/Sigerson/3rd level thread


Wahey, banter!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

The one Fitzgibbon will have to do him so.


Shane is an alright sort.


Waterford IT 1-15 0-14 University Limerick, Dangan FT
Timmy Hammersley (WIT) 1-08
Shane Dooley (UL) 0-07


What the fuck cailin, did UL have 2 teams in the championship?

It was NUIG that WIT beat.

Great win for UL


idiot…your showing yourself up here big time…


Sorry, apologies to cailin, not to you though, you could have posted the actual results.

I was under the impression UL were playing LIT, thus hence my confusion.

Even bigger surprise to hear Galway beat them though.


bit of advice for ya buddy, before you go attempting to speak with authorithy on all manner of subjects, at least try and do a little bit of research before you go making an ape of yourself for the 1000th time…


I made a mistake about the pairings. Big woohaa. I apologised to cailin, as i had pulled her on something that didn’t make sense to me.
You could have pointed it out, but instead you wanted to feel like the No.1 commentator on Fitz hurling, so there you go, we’ll now get onto you for all info needed on the Fitz.



im always happy…


shows kev has pointed out his indepth lack of knowledge of gaa events on and trys to redeem himself


Your right, i haven’t an indepth knowledge of the Fitz 2010, i had more or less forgotten it was on to be honest.




youd never think that judging by some of the shite you have posted regulary over the coarse of this thread…have a look back over it yourself if your suffering from amnesia… you have contadicted yourself left right and centre all over this topic same as you always do… do you want me to stick up some quotes of the crap you talk there for ya buddy…!!!


WIT :clap:


When is the final on? Today or tomorrow?


Just in. Is Fintan O’Leary still on the pitch?


NUIG win.


On the Clon


Yup Yup Yup!!!


And Bang on the eve of rag week :stuck_out_tongue: