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Wasn’t aware of the juvenile section, I may have donned the blue once upon a time in a ringer capacity.

Good to see


Winning All Irelands are not really necessarily an indication of a robust development system. Look at Kerry Football and Cork Hurling


Surely one of the major problems with trying to start a new club in Dublin is getting a pitch?


The problem with anything worth getting is its usually difficult.


@caoimhaoin - spot on with a lot of that. Crokes is too big. Playing for 3rd or 4th teams not the same as for a first team.

@fenwaypark also talks sense. Forming a club from scratch takes a lot of effort. Organising pitches and doing the hard yards. Crokes does all that for the most part so you plug into the system.

New development at cherrywood has plans for lots of pitches and green areas. Crokes should get none of those and GAA should Back the two new clubs in the area Shankill and Cabinteely and help develop them - that would be where vision is needed


You would probably pay 5-10m+ per acre for any land within 5 kms of kilmacud. Would you accept it if the GAA used their cash to buy 3 or 4 ac required for a new club and pitches etc?


Cherrywood will have pitches.

Crokes tried to buy Benildus Astro pitch but council bought it. Which was the right thing to do.


Thats a good option. But how far is cherrywood from Kilamcud? 8 or 10 kms? Its not exactly their catchment area is it?


Catchment area extends to there. It should not but it does. It’s a ten minute drive or less to the club. Benildus is as far with traffic from the club.

Some small clubs have been started - Cabinteely, Shankhill. With young kids though the Crokes machine makes it very tempting.

You need to give the new clubs priority access to pitches.

Crokes are using pitches in Stepaside now as well. Council Astro pitches. They have Silver Park and Glenalbyn and they use Oatlands and IADT in Deansgrage. Then it is council pitches I think.


Re-draw catchment areas.

Should be done in many urban areas.

Probably have something like a 5 year window of free for all where kids can choose their clubs and if they have siblings younger than that then they can stay with “family” club, but after that its like the school system.

Also an opportunity for clubs to actually get attached to schools.

As for pating top dollar. If the government helped GAA and club in these cases i don’t think you can put a value on green space in urban areas. We do not have enough of it.

Most lads here have lived away. Look at all the reserved green space in other countries


They’ve had a juvenile section for a while now and their academy is based in the Donnybrook rugby stadium, they also play matches on the side pitch there. I also think they play on the famous old pitch in Herbert Park.

At least they are chipping away at Kilmacud’s northern border or at least putting up a wall there at the top of the dual carriageway.


absolutely correct, they pumped money into their system to the extent that they couldnt fail.


The GGA pumped the money in for us. When we get bored dominated football we will turn our attention to stick hurling, that’s next.


already way too much money being pumped into dublin hurling but ye cant manufacture stick hurlers like ye can gaelic footballers


JP has pumped so much money into the Limerick system that ye couldn’t fail either. But ye managed it all the same.


The money is being secretly funnelled into football mate, It won’t take too much effort to start dominating hurling. Cuala have already thrown down a marker.


if stick hurling was purely a winter sport then you could use the cuala argument, but you simply cant manufacture hurlers.


There’s only about 3 or 4 counties that are competitive in hurling. It won’t take much effort for Dublin to be able to start winning all-Ireland’s.


dublin and the GAA are already making a huge effort and throwing huge amounts of money at it.
you cant manufacture hurlers.


Ye managed it with Donie Ryan.