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Donie Ryan is one of the most natural hurlers that ever lived FFS.


Tell that to Cuala pal, they are all-Ireland champions.


a winter competition fought to the end by cobbled together regional clubs from two non entity counties. it means nothing. if anything it allows you argue that you can manufacture winter hurlers but thats all


You keep contradicting yourself with your nonsensical arguments. I know you are from a hurling backwater so you should probably stop embarrassing yourself further on this thread.


Cuala and their schools rugby supporter type antics sicken me.


its totally contrived.


They have conductors telling them when to cheer.
It’s like a set of the Late Late Show.


Id suggest dublin compare v favourably to most places on that front


Absolutely disagree. UK, US and by an 1000 miles Oz are streets ahead




Dublin has vast tracts of green space. Too much many planners would say. The problem is that in a place like say Vancouver for example (which has way way less green space in the city) the green spaces are used to their maximum. Covered in sports fields, basketball courts, playgrounds etc whereas in Dublin it’s just grass. Which you can’t even walk on in some of the parks.
The Phoenix park for example is the largest urban park in Europe, they have pitches in there but the facilities aren’t great no dressing rooms etc. That’s definitely something that could be improved on. It’s mainly just a big field really.
Around the south side of the city you’d have Stephens green, fitz William square, iveagh gardens, trinity, Merrion square, Herbert park etc


They should stick a GAA pitch in Merrion Square.


Can you imagine :sweat_smile:


Ah lads.

Different set ups altogether.

Every suburb in Perth for instance has a Park, kids play area etc. At least one. Many will have more.

They are proper amenities. Those places in dublin are never ever going to be used in that way, and are iften way smaller. I am talking more about places like Kilmacud and all the other suburbs. Forget inner city. Thats not where most people live


As you said dublin is full of parks. Not GAA ameneties but most places within walking distance of a park with a playground. Not everyone wants sports pitches taking up these spaces either


Same in Dublin Kev. Marlay park, st annes park etc etc.


Municipal parks that can be used by everyone but sicially and sporting?

There isn’t anything like that from what i have seen.

Ireland needs to develoo a municipal mindset for urban areas.

What i should have said to early in regards expensive land, the GAA should not get it. They should be community grounds with facilities for everyone. Basketball clubs, tennis clubs etc also share facilities.

I actually think there is a growing will and appreciation of this aplroach in modern urban Ireland. I’m involved in a unifying project here in Ballincollig, there are huge challenges. But there is certai ly also a different attitude from parents, even from “gah” backgrounds


Kev, you have all the answers,

My own club has a community field which was the result of trojan efforts by the GAA club. Now, we have to take juveniles 15 miles away to train as we have no access to pitch due to vested interests and politics. Its common knowledge in East Cork, and shows that community fields are not the answer as you suggest.


Just because one fails does that mean all fails?

Ireland is going thru alot of change. A GAA club is arguably the best comparisions to make to see this change.

Good clubs have moved on and are growing. The ones stuck in the past are falling behind.

But if they did not set the community field up correctly and didn’t have good provisions in place then you are always open to it.

Plus i would be looking at new developments with new clubs in urban areas. Quite different from where you hail.

I have alternative answers. I have seen and lived within change and seen that with the right attitude and community and the future central to the process then anything can work.

These things have to be well sold.


I assumed Julio was winding up there, it was such a ridiculous post. There’s a GGA pitch in Herbert Park anyway, it would be laughable putting a pitch in most of the rest.