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I’m widening the debate from just GAA fields btw, just to be clear.


Dublin City Council are redeveloping Dolphin’s Barn flats, and part of the original plan was to have pitches within the space. But they’ve decided there’s more money in housing, so the pitches are being scrapped. Now I know there’s a housing crisis, but a bit of long term planning and strategic thinking would realise these pitches would mean more to that community than them being shoehorned into another version of the old complex.


Absolutely. Thats a jokeshop.

And its just another kneejerk reaction for votes.

Again, the only way to do things in ireland is bottom up. Someone somewhere does something special and the rest copy or follow.

That tag fob system in oarks that was pulled from Limerick and copied in dublin is now being talked about for Ballincollig. Its a good idea which promotes health and has some intrinsic motivation for kids.

They would never think of that from the top as all Irelands intelligence avoids public office like the plague


We weren’t talking about GAA pitches mate.


Within a few kms of herbert park you have bective, belvedere and wanderers rugby clubs. Few cricket clubs. Few tennis clubs. The RDS and the Aviva. Railway union and YMCA multi purpose sports grounds.clanna gael gaa. Irishtown stadium and sports and athletics facility. Shelbourne park dog track. Elm park golf club. Not even counting the sports facilities in the schools there

Plus loads of public parks like herbert.

Thats in the area of Dublin where land prices are most expensive. Not sure what more you could expect to squeeze in there


you should run for public office.


Id vote for him anyways hed take no shit. A cross between Pearse Doherty and Mick Wallace


Nah, too honest


I think you are missing the point here.


Even if only the people he knows voted for him he’d walk in




We’re spoilt for choice around here alright, but the priority should be moving Shelbourne FC back, but that’s a different topic for a different day.


Fact, or set up a cult.


You have a very narrow mind


Ah kev, go fuck yourself. You don’t know me from adam.


Defensive and hypocritical as well😂


'Twas a fucking Kerryman drove Cuala from midfield


Where ? Shelbourne Park ? Shamrock Park ? Makes sense .


I may well be.

Is the point not that you want more green spaces and sporting facilities though? If it isnt then I have missed the point


Kult of Kev.