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Except they aren’t called backs and forwards anymore, they are “conditioned games”


No they weren’t. And they are not backs and forwards as once they were


Everything in cycles. Only a matter of time before laps and tyre bating comes back.


I had a fella tell me last year he had his Under 6’s out bating tyres and doing laps. Told me “you need to get discipline into them at that age”. I think all this hairy fairy games and balancing and coordination shite will be out the door soon.


Serious balance and coordination required to bounce off the tyres at the same time sure.


If you had it that they were shouldering each other either side of the tyres then it would be ideal. can never learn a good showlder too young.


@Julio_Geordio’s auld lad always taught us to time the shoulder with a swivel of the hips.


part of the “hip and whip” masterplan?


Technique is everything in a good shoulder.


70% of it comes from the hips.

A wise man.


Do teams still use ice baths? dear oh dear


I was ridiculed for using shouldering drill before. Noting like it to focus minds and help coordination.


Yeah but the lads are on about using them in training/matches - not at home with the family, bro.


Yes. Professional teams do. Everywhere.


I thought the latest research showed that immediate immersion in ice could impede gains from a session? After a match I can get as there is fatigue — are teams using them after games only?


As I said, if you don’t become involved you will never know, you will never change anything without inputting. GAA headquarters is very professionally run, many there will listen and consider and change their minds based on evidence. It’s not the cork county board.


If only yer senior football selectors participated in a few of those drills he would have been ready for that Clare scoundrel last Sunday.


Either that or helmets.


I am involved.

GAA well run?

Commercially yes.

As a games administration for the development of all people under its name. No. Fails miserably.


And ground hurling in lines across the pitch. Left & Right.