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I swear to fuck i’ll bring back first time hurling if I get a hold of a team soon


Make it happen kev.


And I will do it with purpose and science and a game plan too.

Teach a team all the skills, be hungry and “expectant” and it’s very do-able

It’s astonishing to me it’s died the way it did. Loads of room at club level for it


Driven out of hurling by S&C coaches?


Eh no. Donal O’ Grady biggest culprit


I’ve said it on here before, it’s time to bring back the over head pull.


Only problem is you have refs booking fellas for trying it, even when doing it perfectly legally and meeting the ball


I would start by penalising any player who tries to pick or block a ball at a throw-in. Pull only.


I’d allow the pick or block, but if he puts his body in there you should be 100% entitled to draw straight across him.


I would not. It clogs up the game.

You might as well allow the ref to do the @Brimmer_Bradley coaching trick of picking up the ball from his bunch of 8 year-olds and throwing it 20 yards away to encourage them all to run after it.


Con O Callaghan was booked in the club semi final on Saturday for trying to whip on a ball out of a ruck. he didnt connect with any player nor ball, but was still booked.


The throw-in is a funny one anyway. Ball stuck in a group things getting heated, to defuse the situation ref throws in the ball, ball gets stuck in group, things get heated etc.


He always struck as me a bit of a hatchetman hurler, a real Redser O Grady.


It used to be a case of if the ball was there pull away, but now you seem to have to take into account if you might hit someone.
I remember watching junior matches in the glory days and, when things would get heated, a lad with the ball in his hand in a crowd might drop it on the ground and just start swinging left and right. You’d be arrested now. Perhaps rightly so :grinning:


@balbec 's hero would regularly do that


A signature move of his.


Throw it up in front of them
Slow your approach to a 50-50 (this still regularly happens in Camogie)
Step over him but onto his toes

Many ways to intimidate in this situation


A skill that is sadly being lost to the game.


When a ruck forms with lads trying to rise the ball i can’t understand why lads just dont kick the ball out the wing and have a lad waiting there…instead they all go in and try to rise the ball…Clare are one of the bigger culprits …


Waterford and Galway have got very good at this in general. And I get the feeling (although based on one game) that KK are back working on it again.

A rule change might be no harm though.

But you are right.

Cork still do not really work on it. So if I was playing them I would make everything a battle