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Out of interest, who would you rate in terms of hurling coaches? I know you don’t have much time for drills which are often used in Cork.

I have heard pretty good reports about Wall from lads I know who have been coached by him.


Sure throw up an alternative there for us to compare


Kevin Murray.

Those last 4 mins in last year’s camogie final was all him.

To be honest I have not had enough interaction with hurling lads to have seen any decent ones other than that.

The club game is slightly improving and there is more of a games based approach happening but for the most part it’s games for the sake of games. It’s just more copy and paste. Just of a different kind.

I know little of Wall. But if he got lads to play for him or like him then that’s half the battle.

I get from him quite a bit of anger or frustration still. Has not made peace with his misfortune yet I would suggest


Give me the parameters.

Focus for the sessions physically
Focus for the session mentally
Focus for the session technically
Team deficiencies
Team strengths


Are they the teams or mine?


See above Kev




I’ll have it later. About to get busy.
Give me a bit of time to think on multi purpose games too.


I am watching an intermediate side bating tyres in a training session


Blow the whistle and get them doing laps …


Who is it? I’ll have a tenner on them to win the county.


Warm up
Dynamic Activation
Tri-Set of Broad Jump x3 + Split Jumps x3 + Squat Jumps x3 X3 sets with 1 minute rests

A March + B March x20m x2
Cariocas x20m
A Skip + B Skip x20m x2

4 x30M Accelerations

Back to back “tap &chase”. 2 players back to back. Lead man taps chaser and sprints. Chaser trying to catch within 30M with 1 change of direction.
15 mins

Hurling Warm Up
Groups of 4-6 numbers game.
Going from corner to corner moving thru numbers. Then diagonals
Go from handpassing to striking to one handed paddle passing.
Also doubles up as aerobic work. 8-15 mins depending on time available/time of year/level of fitness.

Part Game - switch & Movement focus
(Pic 1)
Can manipulate numbers and give inside players rests here
15 mins

Whole game
(Pic 2) Lane Game
15 mins

15 mins


Outstanding :clap:


There’s nearly enough striking there to interest @Brimmer_Bradley


Very good kev, I like both conditioned games. I wouldn’t dismiss anything from Wall’s post either in fairness, I’m not sure he necessarily was posting up a recommended session. Plus the fact that he is currently working with Kilmallock as a Hurling coach, perhaps he isn’t working on the physical side of things.

The lane game is a nice one


That session wasn’t Walls. He was re-tweeting it.

If there is any massive decision making element missing then it’s arguably regressing a team.

And that’s what I see alot of. The warm up was rubbish in fairness though


With the lane game when they get on top of it you can put time limits on possession and what not. But they can still hand pass in straight lines.
That encourages support play.
Changing lanes means crossfield play.
If you have pace get the lads to stay close to FF. If ball winners keep them wide.

But I know you know this.

Repetition without repetition is key. Ball can come from anywhere.


Fancy bastards with yer tyres


Had a real signature win today with the minor team I’m training. A very honest group but lacking a bit of class.
Played a side who would have fancied themselves to beat us comfortably in a local derby yet we worked them to a complete standstill with as honest a performance from a side I have been involved with be it playing or coaching.

We were 4 points down at half time after playing against a gale but well on top in the middle third. We were still 4 down with 15 to go when we had a man sent off. They kept their heads and stayed working and driving at them and the pressure told and we hit 5 on the spin and won it by a point


What did you do to bring this about, loadsa tackling? Field trip to crusheen?