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This is my third year with them. Had them at 16s and minor last year with a very skillful second year minor group. We lacked power last year and I trained them to hurl around teams and with huge emphasis on movement and support play. We lost two of our key players to injury and got beaten in a county semi final.

This year I dont have the ball players but they are fit and full of running if not overly big for minors. Huge emphasis on direct hurling and making/break tackles in everything we do. We lost to the same side we beat today by 15 points in a challenge back in late January. Third win on the bounce in the league.


Fair play, in dublin i take it? Big commitment from you


Good way to put down roots and get to know the community. I did both football and hurling at 16s along with trying to play hurling myself and it was madness. Dublin have it set up well, every second week hurling and football. Adult hurling is on the same week as juvenile football which makes the workload fairly manageable


Good blueprint for putting down roots alright, even if parents are surely a minefield to deal with. Thinking of doing a bit of reffing or something myself. But id want my head examined to be considering it maybe


Good solid man over the team who handles the logistics and the parents, I lead the coaching. Although aside from one little bollocks who played football with the 16s they are a fine group of young men and none of the parents are overbearing


You’re a good lad.


Fair play. I coached an u 16 team this year and woukd agree your comments that they were well mannered and thankful kids. Concentration span of a bunch of fucking goldfish mind you


You mad man trying to juggle all that previously. Great stuff. Were you affected by the balls up they made to the some of the minor hurling championships?



For me the buzz you’d get when a group of young fellas you are coaching to rally together like that nearly tops any buzz you’d get from playing a match.


You’re a nice guy. I can tell you love all of them lads as players. Sometimes in the white heat of battle You’ll kick and puck each ball with them. You’ll go home after a match and beat yourself up inside your mind while coronation st runs in the background, regardless of the result.
Fair fucks to you Mick.
Keep doing it, only do it better next year.


Second year in a row we have been affected by it.


This to me sums up the contradiction amongst GAA Coaches. I’m sure the most of you are following Colm Nally on twitter. Puts up loads of drills/games and has some very good ideas.

He had this image a while back, mocking the use of the skills development drills v games

Then this week he has drills up there doing pretty much just that.

There is 100% a place for non contact, purely skills based drills. I would always keep it as a fairly small part of a session, and would generally either use them as recovery or else use them to build into something more intense. If structured right and done in small groups so lads are on the ball a lot they are great for showing up deficiencies in a players basic skills, something that might some times not be so obvious in an intense small sided game.


How technical were the drills he put up? Could be there just to ingrain the skill and then next exercise would be to develop it again in a game.

He has a book coming out soon that’s near completion - will be interesting to see how many drills are included!


I can fully understand & appreciate him putting them up.
It was more just the fact he and most other “real” coaches love to knock those type of drills, yet they are an essential part of coaching.


Had a great session tonight with the club team, we’re finished with drills and basics for the moment.It’s just conditional games and set pieces from here on in, you’d get some load done in 90mins when it’s just games and tactics.


I would disagree. There is no place for uncontested drills with competent players. It only holds back development.

Cones are not the problem. The tasks assigned are the problem.

Drills work well quickly thus satisfying the ego of the coach to think what they are doing works.

I read a decent bit on them recently, but this was aimed at and based on young underage “use drills as an intervention if you have as satidpecific problem, but return to the game immediately” .


It doesn’t I grain anything other than kicking/passing/striking from point A to Point B.

There is no learning is it





Mixture of drills, shuttle sprints/push ups and then conditioned games from Nally tonight.

O’Carroll hopping off the ground anyway. Supposed to be a good hurler - plays with our hurlers this weekend too.