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He’s a nice hurler alright, was playing west junior A in Limerick so wouldn’t be much change in standard.


@carryharry, Moyle rovers. Played them in a juvenile game this morning. Is the club run by travelers for travelers?
Some shower of cunts from what I’ve seen this morning.


They’re definitely cunts but I wouldn’t say they’d have any traveller element. A lot of them would think of themselves as posh


They came across as right tinkers today anyway, I got into verbals with more that one of them, the women were very very vocal.


Townie cunts who think they’re Country stock. Enough said.


On a side note,I nicely influenced the ref this morning, the MR chief player and play maker took a Kilkenny view of the steps rule and liked to take 7/8 each time, after a lot of howling and whining from myself the little cunt in question just gave up even running with the ball, and the ref duly obliged and blew him each and every time after 4 steps. The MR crowd got very upset over this.
Fuck them. I went off out the gate grinning.


They all know you though, mate. Thread carefully, you live less than 5 miles from there.






Some great stuff here coaches

I enrolled for the Neuroscience & Training Course.

But loads of stuff there. Real quality.



Outstanding article that would help anyone in any walk of life


Any fun warm up games for 6 - 8 age group? Bridges and rivers is great crack but we need to mix it up a bit.




Beating Tyres with the Hurley :wink:


Shadows, mirror mirror, log roll, bear crawl relays, crawl thru legs.

I’ll send you on a dropbox link to a folder I have of games if you’d like.


Get to the Choppa

Mark out a rectangle with the chopper one end marked by a cone or two. Have them do bunny hops or lunges or knees up or whatever exercise you fancy. When you shout Get to the Choppa they have to run as fast as they can to the chopper.



It’s for the kid’s entertainment not the coaches.


Get to the choppa extreme mode.

Same as above except you kick the kids in the face to stop them making it onto the chopper


What gman said.
But also random obstacle courses (no instruction)
Knee tag
Dodge ball (they lovvvvvve that)
Frisbee - such a brilliant game to teach movement
Stick wrestling
Swiss Ball wrestling (if smaller ones svailable)
Roll & Sprint relays (one of the best biomechanical acceleration drills around)
Bib tag
Crab soccer