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Graham Mulcahy was corner forward for them


I heard we went up to Gort and walked all over the cunts this morning.

cc @KinvarasPassion.


Must have been a big thrill for ye to host a proper club.


We’ll do an audit of lead flashing on Monday and decide then.



We robbed your gate.


Hard luck, mate.


Our boys thru to the Div 1 quarter finals. Having some 12 months of it. Won the Div 5 feile last year. Most of team still underage and won first ever Div 1 feile in wexford this year. Not bad going for a panel of 18 players.


I would say it’s making them better at using the frame and added to normal progressions.

It’s a ridiculous contraption and a waste of play time for kids.

Monkey bars will make them better hurlers


Good stuff. Nice boost for the club.

It’s the sheer involvement in file and the experience that will last longest.

Teams that travel away and are brought to various places stay together longer and have a higher intrinsic motivation to stay close to club


Yerra of course you are right. But you knew that any way


Look if you can tell me the benefits above what I am saying then go right ahead. All ears


Anyone here using or know of any app or online system for allocating training times for a shared pitch?


Teamopolis ?? It’s €16.99 for the app but the website is just as good.
There MIGHT be something in the site that would help your allocation.


A gmail calendar would do that sure?



@Raylan this is what we do. Set up a google calendar with a club account and you can send emails to coaches of teams or whatever and share the calendar with them. So they can then add events to the club calendar and it uploads automatically. We use a colour coding system for the pitches as well to make it visually clear when there are clashes etc.

Small example of how it looked for start of April

thats a monthly view of it, the individual daily view gives you all the times and details etc


Much obliged lads


Fuck getting apps. Buy another field


Will you stop lad, they spent twenty years hewing the last one out of rock.