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Fuckem it will be that long before they have a daycent hurling team. Our solution to this was to ban football. Limerick Co Board thought it a great idea and are implementing it themselves


Better still, throw the footballers off it.


We started using Teamup this year for 4:pitches/training areas with camogie, ladies football, underage and senior club. Works well as you allow view access to team managers via a code but but restrict the access for changes to 3 people.
Works as both a Web page or a simple app.

Do colour code the pitches as someone mentioned. And set some basic rules such as matches get preference and club sec has final say.


Or as they do in Limerick, hurling gets preference and footballers go on the back pitch


I was looking at numbers earlier. We have discussed a few times how we had very good u21 sides in 15,16 &17.
Just four players from those 3 squads started v clare and it was down to two for the mayo game.

That is the opportunity for a management team although billy & Co present it as a problem.


In Cork u8 blitz get the astronomy turf the county footballers are not allowed have




Space age technology in cork? Is there nothing they don’t think of there!


I can’t be fucked with the typos on this phone anymore :see_no_evil::joy:


I invented this about 13 years ago in my head but never did anything about it.


You invented the calendar?


And only 13 years ago.

How did we keep time at all.

No wonder ireland is so backward


The app


Match tonight, looking forward to rocking the Cian O’Neill look on the sideline


You going to wear a shirt that’s too small and look like you are choking to death on your own tie?


Occulism glasses?


You’re refusing to play it ?



Back pitch??? Very posh!


You should get beat to a pulp if you turn up in a Tipp top.