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Have to do the lotto pub squad tonight. Each manager gets allotted 1 night per year. A cunt of a job…

Would you like to buy a ticket?


At least ye only have a few pubs in Kinvara


Do you want to buy a ticket or not?


365 managers? The HSE ?


Go to bed Bradley you cunt


Make me :joy:


Have ye a union bash tonight mate?


I actually did. :blush:
Fella I didn’t talk to in 11 years, retirement do, awkward as fuck. I was MC but lined up a host of guest speakers to speak about the retiree. Seamless. No one copped that neither I or that cunt didn’t speak to each other or about each other. Brimmer has some neck in situations like this.


What did ye fall out over?


Union stuff. Both branch secretary’s. I took him on one year. Got 2 votes to his 56.
Got him by 45 to 4 two years later. He was in the job for himself and his cronies. I’m a true union man, all for one, one for all etc …


Fuck them.

Good night mate.


I’d be shot if my people found out


There’s a surprise - you getting one over on a rival and having the last laugh.


Can we change the record buddy. Same old, same old.


Classic @Brimmer_Bradley, same ol yarn, and he has the same ol boys hanging on his every word. Legend mate.


Was up since 6:30 with a sick child, I’ve used the time productively and have a great session planned for the u16s later


This is a very basic game but find if works very well, especially with older children as they are pretty much in control of the drill once it starts.


Again very simple, but gets teams moving quickly and adapting quickly.

Pitch set out as above to suit numbers.
Two teams, red v green. Both red goals have a red “keeper” , both green goals have a green keeper. Throw up a contested ball at the start, team with possession scores by releasing one of their keepers with a hand pass. Keeper joins the play, passer takes his place in goals. Once other team wins possession they try to score by doing the same.

I generally keep the space small and allow no plays, so with the tight space you are encouraging lads to always be supporting and making runs right off the shoulder. They then have to adapt quickly to the change of direction once they lose possession and defend.


Sausages… and it’s the same lads always bite too.


This is football, right?