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‘Games based training manual’

*warning: may contain drills @TreatyStones


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Caught to take a football development squad this evening. Focus is evasion & pick up.
Any handy drills ( about 5, I’m gonna do 5 x 10min stations)
6:1 player to coach ratio.


Laps , laps and then when you are finished more laps


Oh there’ll be a few sprints in the warm up. That’ll knock the shite out of them, easy to coach them when they’re winded.


Thar wull knock the chatter out of them. They’ll keep their opinions to themselves after that.


gather them all round in a circle at the start, blow your whistle and then stick a knife into a football, send the fuckers home and tell them cop on for themselves


A good game of hide and seek


I’ve no need to coach my team evasion. They are evading training every night




What do you mean by evasion anyways?
Being able to carry the ball past a man or evading bring the ball into contact? And what do you mean by pick up ? As in the actual pick up off the ground ?


I think to pick it up on the run etc.
Evasion I think means getting away from your marker.
The lad that was down to do it fucked off to Spain and rang me to cover for him, I thought I’d just turn up but apparently I have to coordinate the full session.


Tell em they need to evade the tackle like Lar Corbett evades the tax man


Play the game

Find issues

Work on issues

Don’t come with ready made plan, you have no idea what they need


He’s obviously been told by their regular coach the areas they need to work on this week


I’m looking at 50+ players Kev. It’s a development squad, not a team. There’s a prescribed formula to follow.


You can start by getting Bressie down to speak to them about their emotional well being. It all flows from that really.


Tyres and hurleys?


Here you go, your u6s will love it.



All sorted.
Got a chance to sit down and think about it. Sure it’ll be alright on the night. What can go wrong.
11 coaches from neighboring clubs watching me train their best players. No bother at all.


Don’t worry. It’s only football anyway.